Do Low Carbs Trigger Hypothyroidism?

"I don’t believe in diets, EVER – because they don’t work long term…never have & never will. I find the research interesting regarding how restricting carbohydrates actually impairs thyroid function. Unfortunately, this information is not all that well known or touted as a risk factor in the multi million dollar dieting business world."

I second that!

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  • Oh you are so right greygoose and so good to have that info easily explained.


  • :)

  • This is something that pops up from time to time but there's not significant research to prove it. I like you don't diet but there's significant evidence out there that suggests hypos don't process carbohydrate efficiently. Were sticky white carbs to grow on trees I would eat them but the fact is there is plenty of proof they cause harm. So for me I'll stick to fruit and veg for carbohydrate. Genetically modified wheat products (as they all are) will not be part of my regime anymore. Or anything else with more than 3 ingredients lol

  • That's not great reading and I'm wondering if that's helped what's happened to me because I was on a very low carb/no carb plan last year - still eating fruit & vegetables though as it didn't restrict them, just needed to eat lower GI ones.

    This was followed by a very flat 3 weeks where I felt my body switching off as such.

    I got though my busy Autumn season and have felt worse and worse since the New Year.

    Wondering now if I just robbed my body of nutrients and now I feel like this.

  • Those are the same questions I asked myself about going veggie. I Don't know the answers...

  • You could find out the answer to that by slowly reintroducing some gluten free carbs each day. Maybe higher GI fruit and veg too. Just try not to rip open too many packets to get your carbs! Dark chocolate is a good source if you fancy a treat.

  • I am now having some gluten free carbs a few times a week - not sure if they make any difference to me or it's too soon to tell and I do include some dark chocolate as a treat although trying to stay off processed sugar as it is!

  • 100g of 90% dark chocolate only has 4.5g of sugar and it's my only source of it. Naked bars a good too especially the cashew one which is basically dates and cashews that's it.

  • Yes I eat Naked bars as well when I want something sweet!

  • When you remove carbs from your diet your body switches to burning its own fat for fuel. This is called the ketone process. It can make you feel lethargic for a few days like any detox process but then you will become accustomed to it. Far from being robbed of nutrition the opposite should be true. Genetically modified carbs have no nutrients so eliminating them should have a positive affect as you're forced to eat better food. If you stick to meat, fish, eggs, fruit and veg, fats like olive oil butter and cheese plus coconut oil etc how can that be wrong.

  • And that's basically what I was and what I am eating now! :)

  • I don't go for the fade diets either. I think we all know how to eat right....... but it sure doesn't mean....... we do all the time LOL

  • :)

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