I am sooo confused I feel I am abnormal

I am so confused that I feel like I am totally abnormal. While I was taking a nap today, I smelt like someone was holding stinky shoes to my nose. I woke up looked around and there was no one there. I went back to sleep and again I smelt the same stinky smell..!!!

Some day's I would smell something burning more of the time it would smell like burning wires. At one point I was sitting on my couch watching t.v and smelt this weird smell, sometimes I start acting like I am a dog because I will sniff and sniff to see is it really the smell or is it my imagination. When I am talking to someone, I sometimes feel like the person I am talking to...their head is getting smaller and bigger and smaller and bigger..what in the world does this mean..??

I have been diagnosed with fibroid tumor and ovarian cyst and have been getting irregular heart beats more over palpitations. My question to the doctors on this page. What is the meaning of all this and why do such things happen..???

Does anyone or has anyone been feeling or having these symptoms or is it just me..???

Please answer if you have been or is going through this weird ordeal and if you are a doctor who can please explain this to me to what and why is this happening.


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  • Welcome confusedwithsymptoms

    We have no doctors on this forum who can give medical advice. It is a support forum of sufferers who are able at times to assist because they've got similary/same symptoms.

    I assume you have not been diagnosed with a thyroid gland dysfunction as there is no information on your profile.

    If you could give some further information it will be helpful.

    If you are hypothyroid it isn't unusual before diagnosis to have weird symptoms.

    I note you have fibroid tumour and ovarian cyst and I know that ovarian cysts can be eliminated with the prescription of thyroid hormones. Also that female problems can be caused with too low thyroid hormones in our body.

    Have you had a blood test recently for your thyroid gland. If so, please get a print-out or copy with the ranges and post for comments.

    Your palpitations can also be caused because you have insufficient thyroid hormones which in turn affects our heart which cannot pump efficiently. Once on hormones it should rectify them, I had them before my diagnosis too.

    If you've not had a recent blood test request one and have it as early as possible. Also ask for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate to be tested as well as these can cause problems if deficient.

  • Hlello confusedwithsymptoms,

    Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

    No one on this forum is medically trained so we are not doctors. We are people who share the same illnesses so have investigated and chose to share the information we have learnt in order to help each other.

    Sorry you have been diagnosed with a fibroid tumour and overian cyst but I can not comment as have no experience of these. Perhaps another member will be able to help.

    Do you have a thyroid issue? If so post recent thyroid hormone blood test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) for members to comment. Also advise if medicated and what dosages you are taking.

    People with a hormonal imbalance can suffer strange symptoms. I myself have suffered a big psychotic episode and have been left with a permanently bad taste in my mouth and titinus in my ears which increases with any stress.

    It is not right to experience weird happenings but be assured there are others like you and it may all eventually go once you are optimally medicated.

    Hope you feel better soon


  • I have episodes when I have really strong smells, some go on for days like a acrid wood burning smell and others come and go, honey/sweet smells, cigarettes (no one here smokes) and that matches smell. Actually haven't had it for a while, so am probably due a session!

  • Stop The Thyroid Madness States.........Low thyroid hormones can play a role in a variety of emotional and behavioral symptoms and disturbances, including anxiety, excessive fear, mood swings like bi-polar, rage, irritability, paranoid

    schizophrenia, confusion, dementia, obsessive/compulsive disorders, and mental aberration.


  • I'm with you on both of those symptoms. You kind of get used to smelling burning/smoke when it isn't there. Curiously I sometimes light incense sticks and that will set me off. I find it happens much less now that my thyroid and adrenals are better controlled.

    As for things you are focussing attention on (such as the head of someone you are talking to) appearing to get bigger and smaller - I've had that too. Again, now that my thyroid and adrenals are better controlled that has stopped. I suspect, but can't prove it, that was more adrenal related than thyroid.

    What meds are you on and do you have copies of any recent blood tests? Don't panic - hypo does weird things.

  • "When I am talking to someone, I sometimes feel like the person I am talking to...their head is getting smaller and bigger and smaller and bigger"

    I have no idea what it means, but I used to get that when I was a child. So, I used to avoid looking at people when I talked to them - which never goes down very well! It used to happen in dreams, too, and just as I was falling asleep. I can't remember the last time I had it but it was a long long time ago. I think I've been hypo since I was about 8ish, Don't know really, so it could have been something to do with low thyroid hormones.

    I often smelll things that aren't there, and sometimes can't smell things that are there! So, I no longer trust my sense of smell. Which could be dangerous, because one day i smelt burning wires, like you, and ignored it as a figment of my imagination. My son found the next day that the dog had peed on an electric socket! It's most disconcerting, I know, so best to be safe than sorry in future, and always check!

  • I know it's not funny GG - your house could have been burnt to the ground but it takes me back to some of the things that happened in the past involving our pets. Poor dog - bet he's been number one suspect for every strange smell since then. 😉

  • Haha! You both made me laugh. Have been glad to read this thread. I've had some weird smells, too, recently. Mainly unpleasant ones, and a bit worried I might have a mouse.

    Another side for me is that I notice and enjoy smells a lot lot more than I did before I got sick. Although that might not be biological at all, might just be being less mobile I appreciate a lot of the simple pleasures. Lying in bed, watching the sky, listening to people and cars on the street, and smelling my flowers and the some left over cooking smells from lunch.

  • I would like to confirm that nobody on those forums is a doctor, hence the advice is far more qualified. ;-)

    Any of our senses is picked up by the ears, eyes, nose, skin etc, and then the brain interprets those so that we get the sensation of sound, sight, smell etc. Anything can affect the brain and cause it to produce a sensation that we have not picked up in the normal way.

    I often smell things that can't possibly within the range of my sense of smell. I believe that quite a few people who have thyroid problem do to - possibly due it it being connected with parts of the brain.

  • I wonder if you have infected sinus in your nose. do you get any back drip down the back of your throat x

  • I sometimes have the sensation of a metallic smell, no one else is aware of it yet it is really strong to me. It is frequently followed by a banging headache or a migraine. I believe you can get a smell with a sinus infection.

  • The post from dillydally1 may shed some light on what you may be experiencing. If it is something like a sinus problem then antihistamines are good - they work for me, have had sinus problems all my life. Maybe speak to your doc about it. I take loratadine.

    Also, it is possible to have hallucinations - audio, visual and other types when you are hypo. My nan had visual ones when her TSH was so high that the doc doubled her dose of thyroxine from 100 to 200.

    I just had a really scary few weeks where I had visual, audio and smell hallucinations. I have never taken drugs, never smoked or ever tried it. I dont drink alcohol and never really have. The first thing my Gp did was test the thyroid, results were all in range. she also tested iron, ferritin, folate, B12 ect and all result were good - I got printouts. My diet is really good now, I supplement. At first doc thought it may be a bad batch of meds, then she didnt know. I felt like I was heading for a breakdown, so I was then offered crisis support - doc thought it may be a build up of stress. Over the last bank holiday weekend, I then ended up getting sectioned under section 2 of the mental health act for assessment as friends and neighbours became really concerned. I had not slept for 10 whole days and nights as I was too frightened to sleep because of what I thought was going on in the building where I live. I was also severely dehydrated because I was afraid to eat or drink anything in case it was poisoned or drugged. Everything terrified me, and going into hospital frightened me even more and in the beginning I needed to femal staff with me at all times.

    They wanted to to thyroid tests in hosp and at first I resisted as I thought that I was being injected with stuff. Anyway, family and friends showed immense support and dropped everything to visit me. Famiily, I had not spoken to in years like my mum, sister and brother-in-law came up 2 hour drive to reassure me and show me support. I was just amazed by it all. I am currently homeless and living in temp accommodation but everyone around me has been truly amazing and is getting me through this. I did let them do the thyroid tests and asked for a t3 which they did do. As I thought, they were all in range, so definately was not the thyroid.

    Consultant thinks what I went through was a nervous breakdown brought on by extreme stress. Have never had anything like it before. Came out of hospital on thu, the section was lifted the week before as I reached a breakthrough in hospital and made good progress. The staff there were the best.

    I would say maybe have a chat with your doc, it could even be down to stress, but hope you get some answears x

  • You're definately not abnormal. When I was in hospital my boyfriend and I got together (we were friends before), but none of it phased him and althought it's a new relationship we're very strong. He saw me go through the worst of it but has stuck by me and has been my rock.

    I am going off the point a bit, but there was someone on this forum recently who was worried about getting into a relationship because of being hypo and having the fatigue associated with it. I beleive anything is possible and if someone really loves you, they will be there no matter what.

    The right people will understand and be supportive of your experiences x

  • I am sorry to hear of your health struggles. It sounds like you need to request blood work from your GP if you haven't already.

    I am struggling with Hashimotos and adrenal fatigue and I have also experienced over sensitivity to odours as well as "phantom" smells. I have even falsely blamed my other half of having stinky feet after searching under the furniture and sniffing around the lounge trying to find the source of the odour to no avail. (He was not amused) I am hoping that this symptom will become less frequent as I get my hormones to the correct level and continue to improve.

    Good luck to you. I hope that you get the treatment that you need and that your symptoms subside. Until then please know that you are not abnormal and that others are having similar experiences.

    K x

  • @KathTW awwww...thanks for your concern. Seriously with all the replies I got here I don't even get in reality..lol

    Feels good to have ladies out their who are going through similar things that I am going through. Thank you so very much. xo

  • I get this at times for me it is usually when someone I know is going to pass away I call it one of my six senses

  • @Marydoll that is quite interesting to hear that. Never thought of that but thanks for the heads up.

    Have a great one..!!!

    Mandy xo

  • Hi Confused! As others have said here, we don't really know what health problems you have, so it is very difficult to offer pertinent advice or suggestions. That said, I take anti-convulsant medication and it has mind-altering effects, particularly when it is new or the dose is being altered. It produces hallucinations exactly like the ones you describe (the head shrinking etc). I mention this because it is a neurological drug, messing with your brain, so if you are having those kind of effects then something is almost certainly messing with your brain. Obviously the first obvious culprit is a medication. Sometimes, also, medications are safe on their own but behave very strangely when mixed - and your own body make-up can affect this. But if you are on any new medication - that's the most likely culprit.

    Other than this though, several conditions, like thyroid, B12 deficiency, coeliac disease and things like viral and bacterial infections, can produce psychiatric effects. Again, you really need to tell us what's happening for you in order to pinpoint a likely culprit.

    As for the olfactory hallucinations. These happen with a lot of things. There's a name for the condition (yes, it's a real thing) but I forget what it is! Google will fill you in though. Incidentally, a bang on the head will produce these, so if you start smelling odd things it helps to remember if you banged your nut on a cupboard door recently!

  • @Chancery...Yes I have hit my head more then couple of times and that could be the cause of this problem but not sure...and now that you have mentioned this, it actually makes sense. Thank you so very much

    God bless and take care

  • Hey there, I have hashimotos hypothyroidism and P A. I used to smell gas like odours on off for years , however soon as I had my cystic tonsil removed the smell went.

    take care xx

  • Do you know that you are on a thyroid forum? Do you have thyroid issues, abnormal tests or ?

  • I have read about Alice in Wonderland syndrome which is part of a migraine where things can look bigger and smaller (don't know all the details). However, I can also relate to seeing someone looking smaller and smaller as a child (if I stared at them) - this went eventually but I didn't know what caused it. I did have to have my tonsils and adenoids out when I was around 5/6 so maybe there was a link, I don't know, as I can't remember how old I was when I noticed this visual effect. I wasn't Hypothyroid then.


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