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Latest blood results - any advice please?

Latest blood results - any advice please?

As per title really, I've just had these tests done privately as the nhs lab refused to test FT4 because TSH was normal :-/

FT4 has previously been just within normal range but has now dropped under. Do you think this may help persuade the gp to trial medication now or am I going to continue to bash my head against a brick wall?

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Rayjay, TSH 2.77 is in the 'normal' range but FT4 is below range. I think your GP should be considering secondary hypothyroidism and refer you to an endocrinologist for management.

In secondary hypothyroidism (pituitary or hypothalamic disease), the TSH level is low or 'normal' and FT4 is low. See Scenario: Suspected secondary hypothyroidism for advice on management.

In secondary hypothyroidism the thyroid gland is usually healthy but lack of TSH stimulus means insufficient T4 is produced for conversion to T3. Thyroid hormone replacement is prescribed to deal with low thyroid hormone but pituitary function needs investigating as sex and growth hormones may also be low.

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He told me a while ago it couldn't be secondary hypothyroidism because my TSH was too high! At the time my FT4 was 12 so just in range, and the endo refused to see me :(


Rayjay, I said then I thought he was wrong about TSH. Now FT4 is below range I think the endo will agree to see you.


Thank you, I hope so!


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