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T4 at 20.4 GP thought of reducing thyroxine

Just had appointment with my GP to see what latest blood test was and my T4 is 20.4 so my GP thought of a reduction in thyroxine I felt like I would wait to be seen at the hospital as things have improved a lot. She has put me back on Vit d as my levels were a bit low. Anyone got any thoughts on that please. I am still achy but not anywhere near as bad as I was .

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T3 is the one you need to know as it is the active hormone.


I need my ft4 to be 20 before I feel well otherwise I have symptoms. You really need to have the range. The range at my lab is 10 - 22. Can you ring your surgery or hospital and ask for it.



Trust you did not take your thyroid meds in the 24hrs before the test because this creates results gps often stupidly think is too high

20.4 free t4 is fine but whats vital is free t3 both must be in UPPER quadrant of their ranges if you are to feel well


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