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Elevated calcium levels naturally returned to "normal" - still feel like cr@p

Hi, I've been suffering for years with lots of symptoms which I attributed to possible hypothyroid symptoms and GP's have only ever conducted TSH and one of the thyroid antibody tests, telling me that their labs don't do any other of the tests.

To confuse matters, I have recently been found to have slightly elevated calcium levels on several repeat tests, but by the time my GP decided to repeat test this with my parathyroid (PTH) hormone, both came back as being within range.

I should be happy about this, but given that I am still suffering with many of the symptoms that could be attributed to hyperparathyroidism, such as constant headaches, constant unending fatigue, hair loss, and aches and pains and feelings of weakness that come and go, etc, I can't help but wonder how variable these blood results can be and if it is possible that the "normal" range was actually a reflection of a natural fluctuation, possibly related to my hormonal cycle (last test was mid-month).

Whilst it wouldn't necessarily explain my difficulties with the cold, it could explain a lot, and as my symptoms affect my functioning and in turn my ability to do my job, I was really pinning my hopes on the hyperparathyroid thing as there is a cure for this and I could then actually have a life for the first time in decades. I am really desperate. I would appreciate any advice or personal experiences of similar. Could my "normal" results be just a fluke, or should I just rule this out now and just accept my lot? My GP has told me that she will not be running any more tests and is not interested in any further assessment. I am in the UK.

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Calcium and PTH can fluctuate, this is why it can take years to get a hyperparathyroid diagnosis.

Your symptoms could well be due hpth so you need regular testing to keep track, you could ask your GP to do a calcium urine test as that might give a result. If you get s referral make sure it is to an endo experienced in hpth disease.

Lots of info on hyperparathyroid.org.uk


Thanks Hyophen, that's certainly my suspicion. Trouble is, that my GP has run so many blood tests, and now that everything has hit the "normal" range, she is unwilling to do any further tests and telling me that my headaches must be due to stress. I guess I will wait until the next time I am forced to go back to my GP and I will then ask for a retest.


I have most of the symptoms that are listed on that site. :(


Many people with hpth have thyroid disease as well so the symptoms can be caused by either.

You need a calcium, vitd and parathyroid test done at the same time.

It can be a long and difficult process getting a parathyroid diagnosis as it is fairly uncommon.


Had thyroid ultrasound twice, and twice the ultrasound professor said he saw "shadows" on parathyroid and had concerns. But the endo said I dont have hpth.


You need an Endo experienced in hpth, most are not. If your calcium and PTH have been raised then you may well have a problem especially if US has shown something, US is generally not very good at picking up the adenoma, a sestamibi scan is the detailed one but even then adenomas can be missed.

You need to keep track of your calcium and PTH and if they are continually high or above normal then find an experienced Endo and surgeon.


My TSH, FT3, FT4, are often at the bottom, or below, the lab ref range.

I now know that I have osteoporosis, after years of GPs refusing to do dexa bone scans - even after fractured ribs.

I'm about to have thyroid blood tests. Any idea as to which of these should I try and request in addition to thyroid?

Renal? Liver? Bone? Mg? FBC+Diff? B12? Folate?


Calcium, Parathyroid and vitd, they are the important ones in diagnosing hyperparathyroidism but you won't get a diagnosis on one set of results, you need to have a run of abnormals to get anywhere.

High calcium + high PTH = hpth

High/normal calcium + high pth = hpth

Normal calcium + low PTH = no hpth.

Taking high doses of vitd can scew results.


Isn't calcium and parathyroid tested in one of those tests that I listed above? If so, which one?


Calcium comes under bone profile test but PTH his a seperate test and is time critical so needs to get to the lab as soon as possible


Thanks. Does creatinine come under Bone Profile as well? Or is it Liver Profile or Renal Profile?


Creatinine is renal


Another good Hyperparathyroid site, with loads of info and a list of specialist ends:



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