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Just wanted to make people aware that Genova have changed packaging on their tests and are no longer providing the means to take blood ie a needle. This is a real pain as I'll now need to go near an NHS establishment to get my blood taken. There are no mobile phlebos in my area. I almost feel I should get trained up and set up a business but won't as I'm far too sqeamish.

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Genova won't be getting any more of my business then, at least for blood tests.

Thanks for letting us know. :)

Isn't it ridiculous!

Have you checked that it wasn't just a mistake on their part? It seems like an odd thing to have left out of the kit. What possible reason could they have?

Nope. Not a mistake. I called them up and it's true. There's even a little note about it in the actual kit.

It may be regulation that doesn't allow them to include the needles

Another obstacle!

Maybe the nurse at the surgery will draw blood for you?

Worth a shot.

On my GP's website it states non-NHS services are charged as to BMA fees and a "blood test is £15 + lab fee" I guess £15 is the charge for the draw and the phlebo uses the tubes you are sent by the lab.

It looked like Blue Horizon were doing the same,so I telephoned and asked for the 'finger prick' kit and they sent one out. They don't appear to have one when you look through the test list but definitely still offer this option. Is it worth telephoning Genova in case they are the same? If not there's always Blue as a back up. :)

Femme1, Blue Horizon very definitely do finger prick kits. See the info on main TUK website here


There are details of mobile phlebotomist service on the main TUK website here

They are not cheap though, so your local NHS establishment might very well be more cost effective ;)

Hi thanks for replying. A bleed kit is not the same as a prick test. The former is needle with a 'thing' which the needle sits in to produce a vacuum to draw blood out which then goes in the collection tube. I have lots of prick testers as vit D labs always send 2. I've asked my surgery and they said they'd do it if the Dr is informed and I just can't face ringing the doctor and explaining myself. I'm going to go to a walkin nr work where their phlebo service starts at 7am. Turning up at that time suited, booted and fasted they can't possibly turn me away. If not Ill have to plead and give them big spaniel eyes as a last resort.

Personally I have experienced service failures from Genova - disappointing after years of good service. There was a marked change a while back (same time service went down), a real emphasis on generating revenue.

I expect that is why they don't include the kit anymore. They also used to do free blood tests but now charge £25 to do so. As always, it's all about the money

I thought turnarounds had improved although think one of my tests last year wasn't accurate. Appreciate what you're saying about money but demand must be massive with more people pursuing their own testing. Maybe a new lab will spring up as a favourable competitor.

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