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my thyroid is recovering

as i mentioned i didn't really follow Endo instruction, I took Carb in half the dosage of what endo told me to. I was being honest with her during my prior doc visit. I told her i had been talking half the pills witch is 2.5mg per day, she seemed surprise but she said its great if i feel good with the dosage. So she wanted me to carry on with the same dosage. so here i am i am taking 10mg per week now, feeling no diff. I will go visit her again soon i think this is the time is very important coz if i overdose i will go hypo. Finger crossed. My weight seemed stable... still on the heavy side. Looking forward to go back to by size UK 10 from size 12. ;( .

Good luck to all of you out there!

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Hi. I'm confused. I see from your previous posts that you have

Graves and that you have consented to a trial. I haven't Graves so have no first hand experience yet I thought that if you consented to this trial that you should stick to what your Endo was suggesting and if you think it is not helping you then the Endo should decide what you should do next. I just can't get my head around you not taking the dose suggested but the Ebdo happy that you are feeling well on half the dose she has suggested but then you half it again! May be if you could post your blood results and explain more fully why you think you need to keep going against what has been suggested then folks may well find it easier to comment and help you.


I understand your reservations but with carbimazole we see so many people sticking to the prescribed dose and then at some point suddenly diving from hyper- to hypo- very suddenly. Continuing with the prescribed dose despite having become hypo- doesn't do any good. We have seen people become very ill by sticking to the original dose.

People should be able to get a test as soon as they feel they might be on the short but steep descent. But we all know that approach can takes days to weeks.

People should also have it all explained so that when thyroid hormone levels drop, they know what to do safely. Rarely seems to happen.

Once the initial impact has been seen, many people can survive with acceptable thyroid hormone levels on considerably lower doses.

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Thank you for explaining a little of how it works and the pitfalls. What concerned me that as its a trial that says to me they are trying something different so it's very difficult to comment If we can't see how it is progressing or the reasoning behind it. We all experience an Endo barking up the wrong tree at some point so I just wanted the ones in the know about Graves and conventional treatment and where it could go wrong to have more facts to comment on.


I think it sounds as though you are doing the right thing. Us hypos wish our doctors would dose us by symptoms, not by TSH. You are doing the same thing - treating yourself by your symptoms. The good thing about your medication is that your body responds within days or hours (I believe, tell me if I'm wrong), not within weeks like with Levothyroxine.


Graves Disease is an Autoimmune Disease and once you have it you will always have it. You really can't be cured of it or recover, maybe a remission, but you are still on Carb.


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