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Beta blockers and thyroxine

Have been told to cut down my thyroxine to 50 mg 6 days and 75 one day. Was on 75 two days a week and 50 the other 5. Have since been put on Atenonol for HBP.and Abfib. since. Can't seem to function properly and temp gone down as low as 34 .5 T4 was 5. Got terrible anxiety,can't take any other BP medication.

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Hello Mjean,

Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are feeling unwell.

If you are hypothyroid and inadequately medicated, there are numerous symptoms including high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation.

Low temperatures can indicate an insufficiently medicated thyroid problem.

You need to get a thyroid hormone blood test TSH, T4 and T3 and post here, together with ranges ( numbers in brackets) for members to comment.

Also get Vit B12, Vit D, folate and ferritin tested as deficiencies can interfere with thyroid med absorption. Again post results for comments as a doctors "normal" may not be enough to keep your levels optimum.

I hope you feel better soon



Just had tests.b12 good now.Was getting injections every 3 months.Changed doc. He sent me for all my blood tests.Vit d low.everything else all right.Am having terrible anxiety attacks.Previous thyroid tests in March were good.Started with afib and doc put Levo down.March Free T4 16.5 TSH 2.90 Free T3 in Aug 3.7.

Blood pressure has been bad for a long time ,can't take any other me,dictation other than beta blocker,they all upset me.I am Also using nitro Dur patch when BP gets too high.

I sympathise I too am UAT & having terrible panicky attacks..

The original poster is identified as Hidden. That means they are no longer members of this forum. Sorry but they are unlikely to see your response or reply to it.

As the post was three years ago, I shall now close it to replies.

I was replying ,don't know what happened to it ,am new.

I take, my thyroxine about 7 am.a Tenenolol around 8am and 8 pm .Tested in March were (Free T4 16.5 TSH 2.9 Free T3 in Aug 3.7.)had been on Spatone a while ,levels were up to 9. Vit D low.44 now taking tablet and fish oil.chorlestrol high 9.2 lol 6.7 am now taking ezetrol.B?Thank you

Temperature was 34.5 yesterday.Took 75 thyroxine.Felt better.36. Today

Have been on thyroxine for over 15 years.I am old 79.

Are you taking your thyroxine properly? It needs to be two hours after eating and one hour before and 4 hours away from calcium. Take well away from the beta blockers as well. You do sound as though you should be on more medication but may be you are blocking it's affects by not taking it correctly. I was interviewed by the pharmacist last year. He told me there was a survey to ensure that everyone on long term medication was taking it properly so it shows there was concern about this. More than likely a cost cutting out as it you or anyone else isn't taking it correctly they would possibly be having to take more to get the same effect.


Ask your GP if he would add T3 to your prescription. When T3 was added to levo for me, everything calmed down as blood was racing around night/day.

Levothyroxine for me was an awful experience and many on this forum don't feel well with it.

It may be that levothyroxine doesn't suit you. My heart started playing up before diagnosis and continued worse after being prescribed levo.

Your dose sounds too small and if your doctor adds T3 which is the Active hormone needed in our cells you might feel an improvement.

If you've not yet had a recent blood test, ask for one - make the earliest possible appointment. Leave about 24 hours between levo and the blood test. Also fast as that's now been recommended. If GP hasn't tested your Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate request these.

Get a print-out from the surgery with the ranges and post on a new question for comments.

I had forever palpitations when on levo and had lots of tests but there's nothing wrong with my heart and all disappeared when I stopped levo.

Your doctor should refer you to the Cardiac Dept to check you out thoroughly.


Hi, Just another experience which might help you... I am hypothyroid and had such severe palpitations I couldn't sleep. GP wanted to prescribe beta blockers and send me to a cardio, but my consulatnt endo had the sense to test me for Pernicious anaemia and that was the culprit. Going gluten free has also helped with the palpitations so I urge you to try that too. Get ferririn, folate and vit D levels checked too. Good luck!


Was anaemic ,alright after a course of Spartone.Vit d low now taking tablet

All checked Vit d was low now taking tablet.

HI Beta Blockers giver a false thyroid reading so do not take them until after the thyroid test.



jackie..not a false reading. Actually it will cause thyroid meds not to work. They make the t3 low.

Sorry to be a damp squid but I ended up in hospital after taking Atenolol for a period of time, my heart rate went down to 34, they thought I had heart failure and they took me straight off this drug, they did then think I may have angina and without proper testing or diagnosis (the Consultant just looked at me, scratched his head and prescribed three powerful drugs), I was so incensed at not having proper testing I did not take the drugs, this was almost ten years ago and I am still here without any medication except for thyroxine and lots of vitamins and healthy diet!


Beta blockers had such an adverse affect on my ability to function (1992 - 1999). Then a cardiologist became involved and said I should never take them again. The light came back on.

The previous advice provided all excellent, think maybe cortisol and aldosterone levels should be considered as well. (Aldosterone controls blood pressure)

It's like looking for a needle in a haystack but with persistence you can get there.

Good luck.

Hi, just adding to the mix everyone! I am on 75mg Levi daily. My meds box instructs me to take AT LEAST 30 mins before breakfast, caffeine containing drinks or other meds. This hadn't used to be the case when I first started taking it years ago. Am also on 40 mg propranolol for stress and 10mg amlodipine for high bp. Thankfully I have no serious side effects on this combo except for sometimes brain fog. Have sort of, rightly or wrongly, factored it in as a consequence of the combination.

Propranolol is a common drug also used to counteract high thyroid hormone in Hyperthyroidism..it is the worst beta blocker to take with thyroid hormone. I have been weaning off. Being undermedicated on thyoid hormone will cause the high blood pressure and anxiety. Many on this site don't do well on levo alone. I would not be surprised if you are not medicated correctly.

Thanks for your thoughts. Much appreciated. Annual blood test due shortly so will post again. Am taking propranolol for stress right now, so hopefully I too can wean myself off it. Don't like pill popping.

Propranolol is not a typical drug used for stress either. It has been used for stage fright, for short periods of time, but not daily, long term. At 40mgs, i would be unconscious. Your bp must be very high.

Hi Faith! Thank you for responding. BP not dangerously high I am told, but propranolol reduced to 20mg along with reduction in Levo to 50mg with 10mg amlodipine. Seems to be working better for me! Retesting in 8 weeks.

Hi, my latest thyroid blood test has resulted in my Levo being reduced from 75 to 50, with a retest in 8 weeks. Am now taking 20 mg propranolol and amlodipine 10mg. This combo working better, although getting swollen ankles with amlodipine. Am trying to get off this drug, utilising relaxation techniques, exercise, etc, One less drug entering my body!

i am sure the last thing you needed was a dose decrease on your thyroid meds!!! Are the usuing TSH only, to dose by? This is really bad news!! You need your free t4 and free t3 checked to get a better idea. Levo, is not working for you. I suspect your ft3 level is low! Do you have any thyroid labs that you can post?

Hi,Im on Amlodipine 5mg and Levo, I seem to have lost my sex drive,used to be on Bisoprol and there were no probs but this last year,my sex drive has been nil on

Amlopidine....... Anyone else having the same probs........

It could very well be that you are low on magnesium. Doctors never think about something as simple as that, just reach straight for the prescription pad! But low magnesium has a terrible effect on the heart and blood pressure. Try taking about 300 a day and see how you feel. Could be that that way, you're able to come off the beta blockers.

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My oh my, no respect for the body. Your heart is attempting to make up for your lack of thyroid and doing it's job. Same with blood pressure. Can't believe how they create these disasters and then drug you. Are you anemic? That is a good suggestion to check out as that will make your heart race attempting to get more oxygen to you.

Magnesium is very good for the heart muscle and you should supplement along with co-q-10 since it is working so hard to keep you going. You definitely need a larger dose of thyroxine or NDT. That should have been your first recommendation by your doctor. If that didn't regulate you in a short time, a hard look at your adrenal glands but they become exhausted trying to make up for your thyroid problem. Your thyroid is also working under pressure by either an autoimmune attack or low iodine. Again, these GPs shamefully try to regulate your system with drugs that will only make you feel worse.......unless this is NOT a thyroid problem. Ridiculous! You can procure T4 yourself.


So interesting. Glad I saw this. Everything in moderation!

i was experiencing afib for 4 days due to hypothyroidism from pituitary; severely low magnesium levels; diseased gall bladder; and was placed on metaprolol for a couple of months in addition to thyroid meds - as the weeks went by, they had to continue the metaprolol but kept cutting it down and raising my thyroid meds - if you will seriously research - you will see that they contradict each other - beta blockers and thyroid meds seem to do that - or at least that is what i found - so taking things that better enable your thyroid meds and cutting back on the beta blockers - at least that is what helped me - and adding good magnesium to the mix also helped - me at least - your best alternative is to research, then when you find what you are looking for, print it out and take it to your doctor to discuss. if that doctor isn't willing to listen - then get another doctor - i have no problem getting second, third, or however many opinions in order for somebody to listen. a good doctor will listen to you - healing is an individual thing - and we are more than just numbers - if you aren't feeling well - listen to your instincts and research - your health is more than a number - good luck

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LOUAM..what is wrong with your pituitary? Have you had a further workup to see if you are low on GH..growth hormones etc..? How do you feel? I have Empty Sella..squished pituitary.

18 months ago, when I was on 75mg Levothyroxine, I was put on Propanadol to ease severe migraines I was having every 6 weeks. They certainly stopped the migraines, but slowed my hear rate right down. I also found that they fogged my brain completely, which wasn't great with the fogging from my slight Hypothyroidism. I went to the doctor complaining I felt tired all the time and he told me to retire! I very nearly clocked him one. I ran out while I was on holiday last Summer and after a few days felt like the inside of my head had been given a decoke. I've never taken them again and would prefer the migraines to how the Propanadol made me feel.

It makes me so cross when you go to the doctor with something caused by thyroid malfunction and they treat that symptom without reference to the thyroid. problem. I hope you find a solution to your problem.

I now try yoga and meditation when my heart starts pumping for no reason. I'm very bad at it, but it does seem to help.

Good luck

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