Beta Blockers and UAT

I have recently been on Atenolol and I think it doesn't suit me. It was for my high blood pressure, which has remained high while I have been taking them. The GP has now prescribed Doxazosin 1 mg. I have not taken one yet as I am very apprehensive. I am not good with any medication! Do you think the Atenolol may have interfered with my thyroid levels and kept my BP up. My heart rate did go down. Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

Thanks Linda

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  • Linda, high blood pressure is complicated. It can be caused by several reasons. I hope your doctor has checked your kidney function and everything else before just prescribing a beta blocker.

  • Yes everything was tested..I am at wit's end. Thank you for replying so quickly

  • What is the blood pressure and what is the goal? The levels have been changed from the very strict aim for supposedly 'ideal'. For example, up to 140/90 is fine depending on age.

    My doctor has a machine that measures blood pressure for about 20 minutes, every 5 minutes and I have to sit still. The blood pressure went down to 115/65 from 150/90 in 20 minutes (that was two years ago when I was on inadequate thryoid replacement). To me, that whole thing is a freak out because my blood pressure used to be 120/70 regardless. Out of shape thanks to being hypo for a number of years. The heart was struggling.

    I've found that when I am overweight, my blood pressure goes up. When I've lost weight and am very active, it goes down. The heart and skeletal muscles get into better shape. Now slowly, very slowly, getting the excess weight off and moving more. It was impossible to get moving when hypo. I would sleep every chance I got.

  • Sadly BP spikes to over200/83 as I have white coat syndrome! If I sit for a while it will go to 173/82 . I have had two 24hr BP tests which were 154/72 and am due to have another soon, but on atenolol it was going higher!!!

  • The drug you have now, Doxazosin is an alpha blocker. At 1 mg it's the minimal dose.

  • Does it affect Thyroid meds?

  • Does not say so on the website for the drug.

    Makes me wonder if it helps absorption seeing as how this drug relaxes blood vessels. If it lower sympathetic tone and allows parasympathetic to increase, then it helps with digestion and absorption.

  • Your 24hr tests are identical to my husband and perfectly acceptable to his GP and cardiologist

  • Make sure your clear of infection.

    Have you tried hawthorn and garlic capsules?

    Also environmental pollution from nearby factories. The air con system can give off the wrong freqency. Likewise transmitters.


  • Hi, I was started on Atenalol, when first diagnosed with high BP ..

    Then onto Diovan, which suited me very well,

    But here in the UK, it is no longer available,

    So I was transferred over to doxazosin,

    For me it, has been fine, last 6 months, keeps my BP, under control.

    And so far no side effects, such as I had with Atenalol.

  • Thanks. I will give it a try

  • My wife has white coat syndrome.She is on beta blockers. Bought her own blood pressure monitor and recorded results to show GP. Proved the pressure had reduced to acceptable level.

  • Am not an expert on hearts but have read many bits and pieces over time. Are you being adequately treated for your thyroid ? Do you have recent results from blood tests with ranges ? Are your levels of Iron - folate - VitD - B12 adequate ? Am thinking you may have low T3 which plays an important role in heart health....

  • Folate is 2.6 taking Vit D B12 was 409. Think Beta blockers affected T3. I am on T3 only

  • Folate and B12 are low.....

  • HI Ace inhibitors are best for high BP and the choice of cardios. regarding beta blockers, never take until after the thyroid test in that morning., as it gives a false result.


  • Is an A blocker the same as an Ace inhibitor? Beta blockers are no good for the they affect thyroid meds!

  • HI No totally different really beta blockers used by cardios for heart failure and rhythm, they all use Ace inhibitors for BP. Look them up large no ,some suit better than others.


  • No, the links give a very simple summary of each type of medicine:

    (Assuming you meant alpha blocker.)


  • Thanks

  • These are previous posts. Beta-blockers can interfere with the uptake of thyroid medication. I would take them 4 hours apart from levo.

  • I think I was given propranolol it made me hallucinate. It effects the adrenal glands.

    Get a stress test done for the adrenals.


  • Do not know about blood pressure but I was prescribed atenolol a few years ago and ended up in hospital with a pulse rate of 34, they took me straight off it.

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