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Night time Levo

After reading the posts from several of you, I am going to start taking my levo last thing before getting into bed,I took my last ones at 6am this morning,will I be ok to take my next ones at 9-30pm this evening,I will not eat anything after 8pm, what about a cup of tea is this allowed as long as I leave an hour before taking the levo.

Thanks for any replies.

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Redted, it's fine to take a dose tonight. Taking it on an empty stomach means one hour before food and drink or two hours after food and drink.


Hello redted. I swapped mine to an evening dose and it suits me better. I can have brekkie straight away, and it stops me from scoffing my head off too late in the evening. The weekend gone I went out for a meal with friends but I ate a fish dish, skipped dessert and took my dose a bit later than normal. It seemed ok.

Wishing you well. :)


I prefer taking it at night (early hours really because I'm a night owl) and it's only since doing that, that I started to sleep properly.

I'm out like a light these days and sleep like a baby six and a half nights out of seven on average.


Been to see the Dr today,because I still feel tired after having an increase in levo,so on June 1st I am being tested for ferritin,folate,B12 and another test to see if I have any arthritis as I have pains in my knee and ankle.hope all tests have good results.


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