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Raised cholesterol problems!!!!!

Hi all,

I just wanted to sound you all out about this ...

I've been hypo 5 yrs,

Age 55

On 100mic Levo

Generally ok but had the usual ...weight gain/ sluggish /tired all time/ dry hair/skin

Well last November..I started " juice plus!" With amazing results, I lost 11lb and felt mentally sooooo much better, less tired and all that! I couldn't believe that eating clean could make so much difference... So no junk no additives no caffeine or sugar or white carbs... Only fruit veggies meat and salads ... No dairy either BUT when I had my bloods done (expecting great things) my cholesterol hadoy ruddy gone up!!!!! It was already 5.8 and now it's 6.2!!! I'm sioooo upset! I truly didn't expect that I was sure it would go down!! No bad foods! No crap! Would you expect that too?

I will say I've not excesise a lot ( at all really) but still !! Sorry it's long winded but I needed to explain... Last thing is as we don't eat "low fat" Ive had the normal full fat total Greek yog! That's the ONLY thing I have ate more of!! Could that one thing do it or is it just because I'm hypo??? 😃 thanks x

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A higher cholesterol level is a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism. It may be that you aren't yet on an optimum dose.

If you've had a recent blood test (not taking levo for 24 hours approx before it) get a copy of the results from the surgery and post with the ranges for comments.


i was on 100 mcg of levo to humour my then doctor, my tsh went to 15 and my cholesterol went up. You need to check your levels.

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I'm going to get a print off for last weeks results, will

Post them.. I did know about cholesterol probs with being hypo but I just truly ( maybe naively ) thought I'd make it go down with eating better! I bet your life doc won't put me up!! I do remember my THS was about 15. It was same as last years results !


It wasn't so long ago when the accepted norm for cholesterol was 7.5 - the powers that be keep lowering it so more people can be prescribed statins. They are the biggest earner for Big Pharma in the history of medicine. They now want to lower it even more to 4.5 - so that everyone will be on them. It is a scandal.

Cholesterol is produced in the body - so yes even the Food Industry makes money out of cholesterol lowering foods. Over 85% is made in the body and for a very good reason - VitD cannot be utilised in the body without cholesterol - it is needed for the formation of ALL hormones - and last but not least ...the brain - which is around 25% cholesterol. There is absolutely no evidence taking statins saves lives. Evidence is skewed and research paid for by the Pharmaceutical Companies.

This is discussed many times on this forum and you may wish to check out Dr Malcolm Kendrick - who wrote the book - The Cholesterol Con - and his most recent book - Doctoring Data - explains my comments above about skewed research :-)

I do believe that some people who have had serious heart attacks may benefit from taking a statin as long as they also take CoQ10. No evidence to say it benefits women. Ask your Dr for research papers - that should floor him !

More important to check Homocysteine - also found in arterial plaque - which needs a GOOD B Complex to help with the chelation....

Will look out for your results :-)

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I could not agree more. I take 100/125mcg and when that is tampered with my cholesterol shoots up and they push statins at me. I also have read Dr Kendrick's book, what an eye-opener!! I found my cholesterol dropped when I 'accidentally' got a little cockapoo who needs lots of walks. However too low cholesterol is deemed to be dangerous too!!!

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Low cholesterol is veyr dangerous. You're far more likely to get a heart attack if your cholesterol is low. Also, you won't be able to make any hormones!

Those with the highest cholesterol live longest!


Question is it good or bad cholesterol or did they not do differentiating test

i am not hypo but my good cholesterol is very high and my bad cholesterol low and my GP wanted to know how i acheive it ....answer always eating freash fruit,salads etc as you do now


There's no such thing as good and bad cholesterol. It's all a big con. What they test for in the blood isn't even cholesterol, it's the protein that carries it. How can that be good or bad? Besides, your cholesterol level has little to do with what you eat.

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So how do you differentiate between High Density and low Density Cholesterol then

and are you suggesting that anyone with high levels of so called good cholesterol is hypothyroid or at risk of a stroke ?


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