I can't seem to tolerate any meds anymore

Hi all,

Just after some advice. I've had a history of struggling with meds since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2001. I've pretty much tried every brand of T4 and only found success with Evotrox liquid for a short while before it was discontinued. For the last two years I've barely been able to tolerate anything and i'm struggling to function. I feel so much better when I'm not on anything, but that only lasts for a short while before I start feeling hypo again. I should be on 125mcg, but I can't even tolerate 25mcg for one day without getting bloated, sore stomach, irritable and dry, itchy skin to name a few of my symptoms. I've tried purified thyroxine (martindales) and recently tried T3 only but half a 25mcg tablet taken each day for three days has sent me over the edge. The weird thing is I also gain weight when I take meds, and lose it (just a couple of pounds) when I'm off it initially.

I'm getting on a bit and have put having a family on hold as I've been feeling ill for years, but time is running out. I know you need to take more meds in pregnancy but I can't even tolerate the smallest amount anymore.

Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance.



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  • Tiredofthis77,

    Have you tried other liquid thyroxine?

    What do you mean by 12.5mcg T3 'sent you over the edge'?

  • Evotrox liquid is the only one that worked for me. I've had 3 days of t3 and all the horrible symptoms - lethargy, bloatedness, sudden weight gain, dodgy bowels - have come back

    Thanks for listening

  • Tiredofthis77,

    Have you ever tried NDT which is combination T4+T3 derived from pig thyroid? You're unlikely to get it prescribed on NHS but can buy it without prescription. I suggest WP which is supposed to be the most hypoallergenic. Send me a private message if you would like a source.

  • I have tried armour before - many years ago but I'm willing to try anything now. Thank you - will pm you

  • I totaly sympathise with u . im experienced similar but only been taking eltroxin for many years a low dose.50.

    And cannot tolerate a higher dose.

    I do take digest enzymes and probiotics. Also aloe. And fibre to keep my metabolism. Up but recently started to but on hard fat around my abdominal area and gone downhill.

    To the point of apathy. But am finding out a lot of alternative medicine. And am writing everything down regards testing. .i feel slightly beter on the cannabis oil which is legal in our country.

    I hope u find a informed doctor soon to get to the root of your health and also can advice u to google isobel wentz.

  • Just seeing your post and think you may need to consider checking your adrenals.

    I am not 'medical'. However, it might be that they are compromised by your lengthy problems with thyroid and not being able to take your meds. However, if you have an underlying adrenal issue this would make it very difficult for you to process you medication properly. It can inhibit the uptake and processes.

    This was a problem i had, I never felt better on t4, was fobbed of with a multitude of 'reason's' why this could be - all rubbish. There was a gradual increase in symptoms and increasingly debilitating effects of these symptoms - migraine, fibromyalgia, fatigue etc etc. It turned out this was because my system was not able to convert and use the t4 - so my blood was becoming toxic. I saw Dr P - who sussed this out for me and got me, eventually, onto t3 only. But I did have to work on getting the adrenals up and running better first. If they are compromised you will not get your thyroid sorted and it will have an effect on meds you are trying to take.

  • Do they even consider adrenal problems on the NHS? I just can't believe how bad it's got... I should be on 125mcg a day but I can't even tolerate 25mcg for a week. No kidding, I've gained half a stone after taking it for two weeks and my diet hasn't changed.

  • could you be allergic to a component that the medicine is bound with?.and weight gain may be fluid.

  • what is a good way to support adrenals

  • Grey Goose is very knowledgeable on adrenals. Hopefully, she'll pile in, but I have often heard her say that Vit C to tolerance, and Celtic sea salt are very helpful. I have very low adrenal function and am going to try Adrenavive II. (Adrenal cortex only - not the whole gland, which includes adrenaline (?)).

  • Thank you Steviecat.... Fingers crossed

  • Dr Alan Christianson is a naturopathic endocrinologist in the USA and has a very helpful website. He sometimes has courses on how to reset the adrenals. It may be worth a look.

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