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Does weight loss follow Hashi (male)?

After a chat with a gastro this morning he suggested that if I was hypo, that I would gain weight. I have lost 4kgs and it's stayed off. I suggested that could just be the gluten free diet.

My TSH has dropped to be 1.8 (it's all I could see over his shoulder) it has historically been 4+ That suggests to me I've switched to Hyper and in that instance you would lose weight.

I relaised I picked the wrong prof to really agrue the toss with on this one. I'm still being told my anxiety is due to my preoccupation with my sypmtoms when all the test I've had show that I am fit and healthy!

My cortisol levels are all normal and I am due to see a cardio specialist to check my 24hr ecg as I keep getting strange heart symptoms , racing, slow, palpitations, etc.

I was told to pull myself together !

Only half an hour before I'd burst in to tears after a cystcoscopy, when I was told that I had a clear bladder, yet a mildly enlarged obstructive prostrate gland. It felt like the last straw, how much more of this do I have to take in one go?

A good friend of mine who is a muslim, suggested that 'only the strong get tested'...

I'm feeling as weak as a kitten. :(

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hi Mike, it's a b....r when things suddenly start to go pear shaped, with no apparent logical reason for it, but you've come to the right place to vent your frustration here with us, and I'm sure that one of the admin team will v soon be giving you better answers than I can.

The most common factor seems to be medical attitude and still testing for TSH only. It was this Group that has taught me a lot, as I'm sure it will you, look out for the admin and other responses, hopefully some of them men who will relate to you. Stress is also a big factor in health issues.

As to your friend, I think he's suggesting the mentally strong, yes / no ? For me, I took myself unilaterally of all meds my MD kept putting me on because he was treating for either depression/anxiety, no, I was just frustrated at not having right blood or other tests to look for real causes of many symptoms, it's taken a while but I'm getting there albeit slowly. I also wish you well in your search for answers.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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Sometimes they talk rubbish. I am hypothyroid and didn't gain weight - not everyone does. Many on levothyroxine do gain weight but the fact that your TSH is now getting to a good level you might be able to turn the corner.

Never mind about crying etc, all our emotions are up-the-creek and it's because we have been through so much ie. trying to get diagnosis/not getting diagnosed. Doctors are unaware of clinical symptoms and doctors before the 60's could probably diagnose at 50 paces a hypothyroid person.

If you've been on levo for a while (and many of us feel best when our TSH is around 1 or below and some need a suppressed TSH) you might benefit from the addition of some T3. The GP can do a Free T3 test to see the whereabouts of it as it is T3 that's needed in all our receptor cells not T4 and it may not be converting properly to sufficient T3. (There's been a post earlier by Diogenes which you should read).

Don't worry about being emotional and it's because we are more or less left to fend for ourselves.

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Well I am a woman, but I lost weight rapidly. For years I was hanging on the edge of being seriously underweight. I am 166 cm and lowest point 47 kg. The tricky thing is that before I fell this ill I was puffy. Not over weight but around 62 kg and simply puffy. I had round face and apparently big head as I was reminded of it few times. That did hurt like hell. One night at restaurant one guy came towards me and asked that he has been wondering how I am able to sleep because my head is so big...

From pictures anyone can see how puffy I was. Then when I took the turn to worse and started to feel weak etc I lost 12 kg's in few months, was eating normally. My thyroid was not properly tested but back then I had TSH around 2, but no idea what the other levels were.

During the years no matter how I ate, did not vomit nor had diarrhea that bad I kept losing weight. Eventually I fixed my diet, dropped ALL sugar and gained 12 kg's. Weird huh. For a while I was weighing 60 and then started to lose it again slowly, now 53,5 kg.

We are all individuals. For example I am skinny with perfect hair, but I have all other symptoms and a bit more.

My best guess is that it comes down to all hormones which way it goes for each of us. The ratio of adrenaline and cortisol or ratio of adrenaline and insulin and then thyroid and so and so on.

Do not give up. I hate when people say skinny is healthy. Even doctors might say that. But doctors unfortunately often say stupid things.

It is the bigger picture that rules, not just that if one has thyroid issues they have to be bald and fat.

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I'm with you Justina, on your last couple of paras. mind you I weighed in at 63 kg Monday, I was a hell of a lot more than that Jan '13! But I'm almost comfortable with myself, or will be after liver subsides a bit more. :-)


Hello Mike,

You are going hyper and hypo because you have Hashimotos.

Every one is different and some do lose weight....especially when the thyroid gland is still under attack.

Low thyroid hormones can cause high //low blood pressure, arrhythmia (irregular & skipped heartbeat), palpitations, high cholesterol & triglycerides, etc.

I wouldn't let them do these tests on me until my thyroid hormones were balanced and then most symptoms went away anyway.


Link evidencing heart problems with low thyroid hormones

Link evidencing kidney problems with low thyroid hormones

Link evidencing bladder problems with low thyroid hormone

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I put on 10lb before diagnosed and lost it again once on Levo .Now I seem to be up and down 2lbs day to day.


I have secondary hypo and steady weight loss. My TSH has never been even as high as 1. I think weight loss could be related to low cortisol, which I also have and just general malabsorption. I initially gained weight very fast, then over a lot of years slowly lost it again and the slow loss continues even though I'm below the weight I used to be before it all hit.

All the weepy stuff and anxiety, palpitations etc suggest hormone imbalance - not just thyroid (but all our hormones are interrelated). Heart arrhythmia can be low ferritin, low T3, low magnesium, general mineral imbalance and a million and one things.

You nee to know your Free T4 and free T3. There is no other way to know how you are doing. TSH varies by up to 75% over the course of day and also has seasonal fluctuations. so it is pretty poor measure in anyone on meds.



you are the one who knows what they are talking about not the idiot professor/endo

My husband has been through all of that and more since age of 27 can only be thankfull he is now well on NDT at 73


Is he self medicating?


essentially yes although supported by his GP \our daughter and grandaughters are self medicating with NDT because they are in agony on either levo or t3


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