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Hasimotos thyroditis

Following my previous post regarding my antibodies and most likely having Hashimotos, thought I would say that I'm still waiting for a proper diagnosis from my GP who has written to my Endo sending copies of my blood tests showing antibodies. Does anyone know which meds are best used if I do have Hashimotos as I have read that NDT is best not used, only T3 or T3/T4. I have also read the oppisite is true and that people on NDT have brought their antibody levels down significantly while using NDT. This information was given to me by a lady in the USA who has done lots of research over the years, although she is on T3 only at the moment and been well on it for 5yrs now.

Please can anyone help me with this as I find myself having to self medicate and would appreciate any suggestions from the admin team or anyone else with knowledge on Hashimotos. I could see the reasoning for not using NDT, which I could explain if anyone would like me to go into more detail.

Thank you for any help on this subject.

Sylvia x

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Above are some earlier posts on the topic of Hashimotos and NDT. I personally do not have experience with NDT so hopefully there will be some comments to help you....


The best form of thyroid hormone replacement, is the one that suits you best. And nobody can tell you what is going to suit you in advance, you have to try it for yourself. We're all different.

There are a couple of reasons why NDT might not suit. Firstly, if you have Hashi's, the proteins in NDT - being made of whole thyroid glands - might trigger antibody attacks. The second is that you might not be able to tolerate any form of T4. That was my case. I cannot tolerate T4 either natural nor synthetic. I am on T3 only and feel better than I have for 15 years. And there could be other reasons that we Don't know about.

There are, however, lots of people with Hashi's that do very well on one brand of NDT, but not another. They have to try til they find the right one for them. It's impossible to know without trying. So, take your courage in both hands, and have a bash! lol

Oh, and another reason some people Don't do well on any form of thyroid hormone replacement is that they never get their dose high enough - either because their doctors are wed to the TSH, or because they have adrenal or other problems that prevent them from being able to increasing very high.

Hugs, Grey



I have no experience of NDT but have read that Hashi suffers might be able to tolerate NDT if the initial dosage is risen quickly, thus preventing the proteins found in NDT aggregating the thyroid and reducing the chance of a hashi attack.

However, many people find they can tolerate NDT when the dose is risen too quickly and this may be down to low cortisol levels.

I guess the answer is to ensure you have good adrenal function before you try.



I had very high antibodies & have been self medicating on NDT just over a year. My antibodies are now back in normal range. So as Grey says, what works best is not the same for everyone.


I reduced my TPO antibodies by going gluten and lactofree, 18 months ago. I was diagnosed hypo 8 years ago and have been on levo thyroxine ever since. The gluten/lacto free diet definitely made a difference to me and I feel quite well now. As others have said you may have to try other things. My GP contacted the local endo when my blood test showed raised anitbodies, his response "no treatment required, stay on usual levo dose" I then read Isabella Wentz and others and decided on my dietary changes as a result of reading the books. Good luck

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Hi Sylvia, in this short video Dr. Clark explains the reason for problems with NDT but it seems to follow other attacks. I wonder if this agrees with your findings.


Could somebody tell me please what happens when one has antibody attacks, this is often mentioned and I would like to understand the symptoms?


its all trial and error. NDT made me very ill.


Thank you so much for your replies. At the moment I'm trying to go gluten free and not eat bread but not sure if I'm avoiding it entirely in other foods. I still use T4/T3 meds but as the endo has decided to reduce my T3 by half, I know I will be more underdosed than I am at the moment, very soon. So I have to take action and find out where to get either more T3 or bight the bullet and try NDT.

Can anyone advise me on the best places I might find both of these Thyroid meds at the best prices. I have used Cynomel for a month in the past but the pharmacy in Mexico was out of stock and a kind person in the US sent me a bottle to try. Is anyone out there using this and can help me to order it online? I will also look into buying NDT online, as I can't get it here on the NHS.

Thanks again and any more information will be greatly appreciated, as we all know, the greater the knowledge, the better we are able to find out which medication sutis us as individuals.

After 30yrs of being Hypo and symptoms reappearing. maybe due to Hashis, I may have to self medicate to find out which meds suit me better and maybe in higher,not lower doses, as the endo is telling me and my GP to reduce to.

Together, I hope we can all get ourselves well with the proper treatment.

Lets keep on sharing our experiences and improving our health.

Sylvia x


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