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Hasimotos antibodies



Thought id start a new post on antibodies after the interesting replies regarding BTA and autoimmunity.

Recently iv been having lots of tests and scans yet again. The latest has been a brain scan to rule out MS/functional. Report shows some abnormalities including possible demylelination. Personally i dont think i have ms.

As most of us know antibodies are not treated or acknowledged with endos yet there is clear evidence seen on brain scans that high levels of antibodies can cause a rare and serious neurological condition called hashimotos ecephaltis. If this is the case it does not seem unreaonable to me that antibodies without this rare condition can also cause severe neurological problems, is it also possible that HE can present itself with varying degrees on the condition in the same way that ms does from benign ms to PPMS.

HE is apparently a very rare condition but many authors suggest it is undediagnosed, not understood or even heard of by many medics.

Thought i would share this as i beleive my problems are mainly due to Haashimotos but no-one is listening.

Thanks Christine

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I think you are on to something there. Have you read - Why Isn't my Brain Working - by Dr Datis Kharrazian. He covers various conditions including the gluten/brain issue. It's a long but informative read - and one of those books you need to keep referring back to again and again....

He has a website drknews.com

yorkshiregirl44 in reply to Marz

Iv not read it but heard of the title.

My brain does not always work ful stop. Maybe what we tend to describe as brain fog is far more than that. I can be so confused, dazed, slow which can affect movement and co-ordination.

Even without the diagnosis of HE Hashimotos can show in the white matter of the brain and depending on the area they are in they can interfere with things like memory, depression and motor skills..many of things Hashimoto patients describe.

T4 as we know does stop the antibodies or improve them.

I will try and get a hold of the book you mentioned.

Thanks Christine

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I feel for you. I had massive cognitive impairments and thought it was down to encephalitis. If you search the Datis Kharraziac's web site there is a test for brain antibodies. (I haven't had it).

My answer came in the form on T3 which gave me clarity and stopped me physically stumbling about within two days...amazing.! .

I have a load of info on head stuff if you want any more. The book Marz recommends above is excellent.


Thyroid dysfunction & mental disorders


Hashimoto's and the brain


Neurotransmitter symptoms


Common causes of brain fog


Hashimotos and depression


yorkshiregirl44 in reply to Hidden


Thanks for sharing your expereinces with me.Its re-assuring to know that other have similar symptoms and manage to make some progress.

Iv looked for the test you mentioned but cant find it, do you know where on the web site you saw it.


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Dr Datis Kharraziac states ......

..... .[.....There are three ways Hashimoto’s can affect the brain.

First, many people with Hashimoto’s also have an autoimmune attack against their nervous system. On a blood test this can be identified by positive antibodies to neurological tissue.

Second, unrelated to an autoimmune attack against the nervous system, the inflammatory response generated by Hashimoto’s can activate the brain’s immune system, hence promoting inflammation in the brain.

Third, Hashimoto’s can lead to low thyroid hormones, which are necessary to dampen the brain inflammation caused by the previous two factors...... ] . ...

In his book he refers to brain inflammation as "neuroinflammation" with a correlation to chronic inflammation and autoimmunity seen in other parts of the body. Over acting microglia can cause a leaky blood brain barrier (much like leaky gut) which allow pathogens into the brain.

He recommends the Cyrex Labs Neurological Antibody (Blood) Test which screens for antibodies against the proteins of various nerve cell structures.

I did the Cyrex Gluten Associated Cross Reactive Test which needed centrifuging before being sent to America. It was expensive but worth it and I would consider this test to be much the same.

There are two major immune responses in neurological autoimmunity TH-3 and TH-17. The aim is to reduce these and gluten as is massive an influence as it is to TH-1 (organ-specific autoimmune disease- Hashimotos) & TH-2 (systemic autoimmune disease).

Supplementing Resveratrol and Curcumin has been shown to regulate these cykotines.

I have enquired about the TH-1//TH-2 dominance test but it is at present still unavailable in Europe.


Cyrex Brain Antibodies Testing - click "Antigen Tested" on left of screen to see which antibodies tested -


Cyrex Gluten & Cross Reactive Test


TH-1, TH-2, TH-3, TH-17 immune responses



Thanks iv got that now. It appears the test can be done at the regeneous labs, i remember using them for some dna testing a few years ago.

Mt endo agreed to try me on t3, he failed to leave a prescription then went on leave.

Iv been having very odd blood results with raised tsh over 6 and raised t3 over the upper limit, these readings dont normally go together and frankly my endo is lost.


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