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Joint pain is my sign somthing is wrong!

Hi there, really suffering at the moment. I went to Dr because I felt the thyriod problem I have had for 25years was causing me a few hiccups. Joint pain, headache, fatigue ect that was a year ago, since then I have had a tube stuck down my throat to see if I have an ulcer, before he could give pain relief. An injection in the back of my head, and an offer of blood pressure tablets to stop headaches, I now have propranolol , which I have to admit, I have not had a headache. I am still tired and gaining weight, and my shoulder and arm are still hurting. Then after a couple of days of real hard labour, (I do a lot of physical work) I woke in the night and had an irregular heartbeat which lasted a couple of days, had an ecg and was put on warfarin , but will not see a consultant until June! I then got a urine infection with white cells and blood in! Am I surprised ? My arm now is so bad that I have been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and a tennis elbow!

I only wanted to sort my thyroxine out, and a year later I am far worse, I can't even manage to keep up with my house work, let alone all these other things that I normally do, I have horses to look after ect. I have an under active thyriod. When diagnosed all those years ago it was difficult as the test came back borderline so I was told, but showed up later in a antibodies test. I do not understand all your comments about T3 and all that, it is beyond my knowledge , and I am in so much pain that my brain cells are becoming cloudy. Can anyone make a sensible suggestion as a way forward for me?

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Welcome to our forum.

You poor soul. This is awful.

Poorly medicated thyroid issues can lead to a whole host of problems which seem to go on & on & on.

Instead of just treating the root cause our doctors choose to give us one pill for this illness and another test for that disease and still more ailments keep appearing. When I was first diagnosed I had so much wrong with me, most of which miraculously cleared up after starting on Levothyroxine. ( I have since had other issues but that's another story. Lol)

Do not worry about T3 and all the complicated stuff. (I'm not too hot on all that either but just read loads and listen to others).

Your first step is to get some recent thyroid hormone blood tests done and then post on here together with the ranges ( numbers in brackets) so people can comment on what is going on with your poor body.

There are four important nutrients to help thyroid meds work well and they are Vit D, Vit B12, Folate and ferritin. Unfortunately people with thyroid issues are often difficient in these so it is vital you have them blood tested. ( if your doctor won't do it, there are details on Thyroid UK website of private test company's.)

Post these results too with ranges as levels need to be optimum and what a doctor might call "normal" may not be enough for us "thyroidys".

Hormone imbalances can cause pain, anxiety and brain fog. Remember you were well once and will get there again. At least you are on the road to recovery now as by posting you will be able to receive some good advice.



Thankyou for your response, I'm not the sort to sit, I'm the one that is mixing the cement! So I am taking this very badly, the next thing will be, antidepressants ! I'm not depressed , I'm angry and really fed up, there is a difference. I will do as you say, and get test results posted, thanks for your advice.


Unfortunately you wl have to do your own research! I am on T3 after similar situation to you and the pain is getting better! Read Dr Lowe book on hypothyroid and pain, it's called "the metabolic treatment of fibromyalgia" hope this helps :)

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Okay thankyou.


i really sympathise with you. Please get your thyroid blood results from your docTor. It could just mean you are undermedicated and need an increase of your levo.

You will get so much help on this site.


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I will thankyou.


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