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Joint pain


Just wondering if there are many other hashi sufferers out there like me who get joint pain and stiffness but everything in range for ESR, CRP and RF? I am going through a flare at the moment :-(. I get it mainly in my neck, shoulder blade area of my back and have had it in my fingers, hips, feet, ankles basically wherever i use my body in an activity other than walking, sitting or sleeping. Its excrutiating and debilitating and i can't get my head around why nothing shows up on those bloods. My mum has quite severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and whilst i am in no way as bad as her everything i tell her she completely relates to. At present on gluten and dairy free diet, contemplating a cross reactive to gluten food test with regenerus. Anyone similar?

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You may actually have Rheumatoid Arthritis even though your RF test is negative.

Linky -

My joint pain improved enormously once on NDT.


Low vitamin D can make your joints hurt. It can be lower than you personally need, even if it appears "normal", in middle of range in a blood test

Have you had Vit D, folate ferritin and B12 levels checked?

hw7342 in reply to SlowDragon

Hiya, yes its middle of range atm only because i am very very tanned and spend every minute i can out in the sun. In the winter i am deficient. I started supplementing again a short while ago when i realised it was middle of range instead of upper as i supplement in the winter too. Ferritin low and is work in progress.. trying desperately to get it up... supplementing 5000 b12 for meantime as that was middle of range. Thank you.

Hi I do not suffer with Hasi but I have GD and yes I have bad upper back pain arms shoulders even when in range , when I am out of range it becomes more painful , walking any thing brings it on I was told by my doctor that i have Fibromylgia ( humm) but i think its conented to our condistions . I know it can drive you nuts . I have had to adapt and accepet I will never be the same . I have to be careful how I sit getting up every 30 mins to walk around but some times it comes on for no reason . I take painkillers I have tried every thing , but now I am resigned to the fact this is the new me , best of luck xxxxx

I know exactly what you mean about adapting. I have to be careful what i do too. I know what you mean about the sitting as well. What painkillers do you take? I am limited as can't take NSAIDS as it flares my oral lichen planus (another auto immune thing), codeine upsets my stomach, tramadol has a bad effect on me so i have been reduced to an unusual one called acupan. It barely takes the edge off though and i only take it when i am really bad as with most painkillers it has side effects. Its nice to know someone understands even though obviously i wouldn't wish it on anyone. I avoid situations where i have to explain to people why i can't do something or why i am in pain etc because they just don't get it. Thanks for the reply. I still have some hope that once i am optimally medicated things will get better. x

It will get better , but dont over do it, because it will be there lurking around , I take 6 cocodoml aday 30mg , I dont explain to people any more I just say . I am in pain . Have you thought of fibro it normaly goes hand in glove with what we have , I really feel for you ,as i understand the confusion it brings to' what the hell is causing this' question . I hope you feel better soon but remember even when you feel better dont push your self because as i said its always lurking around to catch you out . I have had so many disagreements with mu doctor over this , because it is so dam painful and when they say'your tests normal' i just want to scream. xx good luck


I had pains in my legs and the doctor told me to take Vitamin D. I have just started taking it

hw7342 in reply to 1004sonia

hi Sonia see my reply above to slowdragon re vit d. Do you know your levels at the moment?

Find out what the result of your vitamin D level are hw7342, my stiffness of getting up out of chairs and bed in the morning plus lower back, hip, leg pains and tailbone pain was all down to (diagnosed,) vitamin D deficiency. Only when buying my own 5000iu of D3 did all symptoms go almost overnight. 1000iu D3 my Doctor prescribed me (to correct my vitamin d levels only, not my pains and stiffness,) was not enough to cure my symptoms.

Joint pain can be down to not having optimum levels of thyroid hormone.

Sorry What is CRP/ESR/RF?

helvellaAdministrator in reply to practical-wolf-867

Although it is very helpful if people do post the meanings of acronyms and abbreviations, you can find the meanings here:

Thank you

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