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Joint Pain


I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's about 4 and 1/2 months ago. Three blood tests later and I am on 100g Levothyroxine (Mercury Pharma) and 25g Levo (Wockhardt). My results are now on target.

Everything has been going well until about a month ago I started to get joint pain. This pain mainly in the hips/feet and hands, mainly first thing in the morning or getting up after sitting down for a bit, but also just generally all day. I feel like an eighty year old. So frustrating, thought I was getting arthritis or something similar until I Goggled symptoms in connection with Hashimoto's.

Does anyone have any suggestions to improve symptoms/change medication? Any advice at all to try and improve things. At least so I can move like a 46 year old!!

Many thanks Alex

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I had exactly the same thing and my doctor suggested vit D. After dosing with 3000iu/day D3 mouth spray it went away almost entirely after about 2 weeks. Have you had a vit D test?

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Great thank you


Most likely low vitamin D, but you really need to check the levels first before supplementing. Vitamin D is an oil based vitamin (actually it's really a pre-hormone) and we can not get rid of excess, so check level first. Ask GP to test.

At same time would be a good idea to check levels of B12, folate and ferritin

These are often low.


Great thank you


Hello Alex, just to say you're not alone !I am having the same problems with joint pains etc and they only started since taking levo, my vit D mid range. My doc did some further tests which showed I am also now in menopause due to underactive thyroid ( am recently turned 48) so this may be something that you want to get checked. Initially I thought it may be the brand of levo, so now taking 4 x 25 workhart daily as this brand has the least fillers I'm told. Currently seeing an Endo who is checking out adrenals etc and it was he who upped my dose from 75m to 100m. He said if the dose increase doesn't help with the ongoing joint pains and general aches he will consider a trial of T3. Best of luck and if you find a cure pls share it :) regards moira



Thanks for your message. Good to hear that workhart is a cleaner brand I will see if I can switch to that. I have started taking vitamin D and B12, to see if that helps. As for menopause I will ask when I go back next time (I have been getting hot and cold), as well as getting the nutrients check out. I hope you get sorted as well. Best wishes Alex


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