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Hypothyroid and anxiety

I am experiencing so much anxiety and feeling extremely stressed out over nothing and I would like to ask you kind and knowledgeable people if these are symptoms of hypothyroidism? I always connected anxiety with hyperthyroidism? I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and I have been on 180mg of Erfa since last July along with other supplements, and hace seen some gradual improvements, which I was very pleased with, but I am not yet as well as I should be. My ferritin is low which I am having difficulty improving. Also I did have a fall over a week ago and sprained my ankle and then, as I am having visitors stay, I have not had a chance to rest this as I should. I am feeling very hyper at the moment.

Any advice very much welcomed. Thank you.

Also, does anyone else find that everyone judges you on the 'stressed out' version of yourself...friends vanish, husbands kind of remove themselves out of the line of fire.....etc. ?

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I would say that being worried about anything can have that effect. Have you any recent blood results and their ranges as that may well gives us the answer in your case.


Hi, I experienced great anxiety when taking Levo, to the point where I couldn't drive without having a panic attack. I also ended up in hospital a couple of times with heart palpitations.

I'm on t3 only now and things are a lot better, despite my mum's dementia deteriorating (she lives with me) and my daughter getting married next Saturday! Glad to say irrational anxiety is no longer crippling me, else I couldn't cope right now.

I read on hear that if your body can't utilise t4 properly, it builds up like a toxin, giving hyper symptoms. It makes sense to me as I actually felt better the days I accidently forgot to take my Levo.

I have had b12 injections, iron tablets, take supplements and am gluten free. But when I tried to reintroduce a small dose of t4, the anxiety came back, so it's just t3 for me now.

Hope you find your answer soon.



Anxiety and stress can be common in people with either newly diagnosed or long term thyroid issues and can be due to a number of reasons. I have suffered huge anxiety attacks and feel a changed person sometimes since starting thyroid meds.

It is hard to tell if your thyroid meds are working ok at the moment as you haven't posted any blood test results.

I have not used Erfa myself but would say that any nutrient deficiencies such as your long term low ferritin levels need to be properly addressed as all nutrient deficiencies can stop thyroid meds working properly.

Unmanaged Hashimotos will increase your thyroid antibody count which could lead to both hypo and hypo symptoms (anxiety and stress) but also eventually interfere with workings of thyroid meds.

I would recommend you work on the fundamentals of basic thyroid care....

Get you thyroid hormone bloods tested and post results (with ranges).

Raise ferritin to optimum levels. (Don't know how as I don't suffer with this but you need to research yourself).

Get Vit B12, Vit D & folate tested and post results. (These are the other three most common deficiencies found in hypothyroidism).

Keep Hashimotos antibodies low by looking afterself. Take time out to relax and put yourself first. Identify your trigger. Some find a gluten free diet helps or alternative therapies such as acupuncture.

Health improvements are usually seen quickly but whole improvements can take many months.

You sound very busy at the moment but you must believe you can manage your anxiety and stress to be able to overcome it.

Good luck and hope you and your ankle feel better soon.



Many thanks to all of your for your kind, understanding and knowledgeable responses. It is so great to have someone understand what I am struggling with - I feel moved to tears!. - this forum is such a God send! I am having the bloods done on Tuesday and shall post them later when the results are in. I am already gluten free, supplement with b12 and iron, the B vits and C and E...I think my diet is quite healthy - my one big bad habit is drinking tea and coffee. I just cant seem to kick it yet.


Lol. Mine is coffee too and I really shouldn't as it can give me palpitations. I also have adrenal issues which means coffee is a no no......but you have to live a little.

Daffodils, it is no use supplementing anything if you haven't been tested to establish what deficiencies you have.

The vitamins you are supplementing are all good but a maintenance dose wouldn't correct a deficiency and a larger dose may be too much if you aren't deficient. I know testing is a pain and doctors often don't want to do vitamin testing but this would be my first point of call as I've already said deficiencies can cause thyroid meds not to work properly in the body. You could ask for them to be done with your thyroid hormone blood tests on tuesday.

Good luck.


Thank you flower007. I had my levels checked and I am deficient in these vitamins. I think the low ferritin -20-may be the cause of a lot of my problems. I often feel out of breath also.


Low iron levels can link with anxiety. What are you serum ferritin etc levels? What kind of iron are you taking to try to improve it?


Thank you Aspamama...my ferritin was 20!! And b12 was 500' but I will post all with the ranges when I have the testing done


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