Hi Everyone.

I have been on Levo for many years and my level used to change from time to time. Recently I was called by my GP to say my thyroid had gone down a bit and I needed to take 150mgs instead of the 125 mg I had been taking. I may have missed some. I had a blood test again in about 5 weeks and was told it had gone over and I should go back to 125mgs again...I have now had a blood test which says serum THS level 0.8 mIU/L (0.3-5.5)

serum free T4 LEVEL 20 pmol/L (9-25)

Am I hypo or hyper or normal ..

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If you feel fine, then you are okay. But you really must not miss doses. It is essential to develop a consistent habit when taking thyroxine.

As Gabkad said, it is normal if you feel normal although sometimes you can't always "feel" when something is going wrong. Your TSH is suppressed but that only means you have enough T4 floating around. What is it that went "over"? I would ask if your T4 went over 25. (Or did they just decide your TSH is too low?) More likely, but not relevant. If you feel better on the higher dose, I would tell them they need to allow a free T3 test before they make a reduction.

Her TSH isn't suppressed. It's not even below range. :)

Thank you

You don't think the doctor was influenced by the .8?

Then it was the T4? They don't take a FT3, right? Curious minds want to know:)

.8 is in range. But so is the FT4. So, I Don't really think he knows what he's talking about! They are so afraid of us 'tipping' over into hyper - which shows they Don't understand thyroid anyway - so they err on the side of caution. Which is all very well for them - they're covered! - but not so good for the poor patient!

Yes you need to get that FT3 test. The other two aren't really too helpful. It's ok to have a FT4 slightly over range if your FT3 is within range plus important that you feel ok. If you find your FT3 is slightly over you may be able to juggle the 125/150 though it may take a few different combinations to find the one that's right for you.

Thank you

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