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Thyroid results & anaemia

I found last week that in April last year I had borderline thyroid function results. It was repeated last week and again, is borderline.

My TSH last year was 1.7

Range is 0.10 - 4.00

The T4 is 9.6

Range is 10.00 - 22.0

But I feel terrible!! I also now have a heart rate of 54bpm and having had 3 children in 2.3yrs I'm definitely not physically fit, and I'm actually now 5.5stone heavier than I was previously and cannot shift any of it despite being strict with my diet.

Even though my TSH is within range could I benefit from meds to increase my T4? My doctor did say they won't treat for borderline results :( I also have iron of 3.9 so maybe it is just that that is causing me to feel so exhausted?

Any help is most appreciated.

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Hi Jessica, I guess you have to weigh 200 lbs and become completely bald to be considered as low thyroid. I also don't feel your iron level has a lot to do with it since you need enough FT4 to convert to FT3 to begin with and while you only look slightly under the lowest range, you probably should be around 18 or 19, that is a fair amount below that.

Many people here are ordering their own hormone expressly because they don't wish to weigh 200 lbs. and become bald.


Jessica, You are not borderline, your FT4 is below range. As your TSH is low-normal with below range FT4 on two tests your GP should be considering secondary hypothyroidism, commonly caused by pituitary dysfunction (hypopituitarism). Although raised TSH may be used as an indicator for primary hypothyroidism it is useless for secondary hypothyroidism and FT4 and FT3 should be the tests used.

Your thyroid is probably healthy but won't produce thyroxine (T4) for conversion to T3 unless sufficient TSH stimulus is received. Levothyroxine replacement is required to raise low FT4 to the top 75% of range >19. Lack of TSH stimulus can inhibit conversion of T4 to T3, the active hormone, which is why FT3 testing is also necessary. Your GP can run pituitary function blood tests to check sex and growth hormones but you should be referred to an endocrinologist for management if pituitary dysfunction is confirmed.


Thanks for your great replies!!

I've just spoken to the doctor regarding the results and quoted the NICE guidelines and he said we'll just repeat in 3 months.

I asked how many times does it need repeating and the results to be the same before anything is done. He said he couldn't answer that so I reminded him that I have the same results now 1yr on.

I said I sounded cross and has referred it to the specialist.

I also said about my heart rate being low and he said some people do have low heart rates but during pregnancy it was 110 and I was told it was because I was overweight!!! I'm still 5.5st overweight but now have a pulse of 55bpm😕

Why do they ignore NICE guidelines written for them?!


When you say "iron of 3.9" which iron measurement are you referring to and what was the lab range?


The receptionist told me my iron was 3.9 however on speaking to the doc he told me its actually the folic acid.

I'm glad cos I would've needed a blood transfusion or definitely an iron drip!


I would think about changing your GP. It seems that they are all uneducated when dealing with thyroid issues but yours seems particularly unhelpful. You are defiantly ill and need some thyroxine. Nobody should have to struggle like you are having too.

I have paid to see Drs privately and now use thyro gold as I know I wont get well with the NHS the way it is. Perhaps your GP can come a look after your children while you wait for more blood tests in a few months time. Bastard.


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