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Ovarian cyst and hypothyroidism


I posted last week and was so helped with all your advice for my appointment today. The GP has not changed my levothyroxine. He has order more blood tests and also an ultra sound as he said I may have a ovarian cyst.

Is this something that could be linked and could this be a reason for me still feeling tired . Don't know if i should be worried. Thank you for reading this.

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JacquelineM, apparently an ovarian cyst shouldn't cause symptoms. Your fatigue may be due to insufficient Levothyroxine and the thyroid blood tests may indicate a need for an increase in dose.


Thank you Clutter. My GP is also taking more bloods so I do feel he is taking an interest. The process just takes so long.

Your forum is such a help being able to talk to people that understand. Thank you.


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