Ashwagandha & Kanchnar Guggul

I have just received these capsules that I ordered from an organic pharmacy after researching and seeing some people felt better supplementing with these.

Has anyone used these 2 supplements together and did it help?

I am currently taking 100 Levo every day and have been for last 2 years or so and although feel a lot better than I did initially still don´t feel completely well.

I am trialling Gluten free diet (after reading lots of positive reports) as well as supplementing with B12, Vitamin D and Fish oil for high cholesterol.

Many thanks :)

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  • Bristol1965, haven't tried either so can't answer your question but just want to mind you to take supplements 2 hours away from Levothyroxine and vitD 4 hours away.

  • Thanks Clutter - am taking Levo first thing in morning and VitD last thing at night with B12.

    I am going to take the other supplements after lunch and dinner to start with and see how I get on - worth a try if its helped some, willing to try anything at the moment.

    Thanks for advice, am getting blood tests done shortly so hopefully will see improvement on my last ones.

  • Bristol1965, vitD3 should be taken with food, preferably the fattiest meal of the day, as fat aids absorption of vitD.

  • Ashwadha is an adaptogen, although I havevonlyb come across it in relation to cortisol. I take it at night because it is very relaxing🙌, but then I have raised cortisol levels.

  • Exactly, and adaptogens Don't suit everyone. :)

  • Hello Bristol I supplement with Aswagandha full spectrum and Rhodiola Rosea together for about 8 months now and they have been a miracle for me. Regarding stamina and reducing stress levels and making my brain feel more with it.

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