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Ashwagandha & Kanchnar Guggul

I have just received these capsules that I ordered from an organic pharmacy after researching and seeing some people felt better supplementing with these.

Has anyone used these 2 supplements together and did it help?

I am currently taking 100 Levo every day and have been for last 2 years or so and although feel a lot better than I did initially still don´t feel completely well.

I am trialling Gluten free diet (after reading lots of positive reports) as well as supplementing with B12, Vitamin D and Fish oil for high cholesterol.

Many thanks :)

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Bristol1965, haven't tried either so can't answer your question but just want to mind you to take supplements 2 hours away from Levothyroxine and vitD 4 hours away.


Thanks Clutter - am taking Levo first thing in morning and VitD last thing at night with B12.

I am going to take the other supplements after lunch and dinner to start with and see how I get on - worth a try if its helped some, willing to try anything at the moment.

Thanks for advice, am getting blood tests done shortly so hopefully will see improvement on my last ones.


Bristol1965, vitD3 should be taken with food, preferably the fattiest meal of the day, as fat aids absorption of vitD.


Ashwadha is an adaptogen, although I havevonlyb come across it in relation to cortisol. I take it at night because it is very relaxing🙌, but then I have raised cortisol levels.


Exactly, and adaptogens Don't suit everyone. :)


Hello Bristol I supplement with Aswagandha full spectrum and Rhodiola Rosea together for about 8 months now and they have been a miracle for me. Regarding stamina and reducing stress levels and making my brain feel more with it.


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