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I live in France and was prescribed Levothyrox.started on100mg,after1year up to112.5mg.Another year125mg. My Tsh was at 28.7. normal is under 4. I suggested to my GP I visit an endocrinologue. In less than 5 minutes he changed my levotherox for EUTHYRAL saying that the levotherox was not being absorbed. One month later my Tsh was down to 0.4 Levothyrox and Thyroxin are not the sole choice but are widely prescribed

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See what happens when you put your 'foot down' by saying you wanted to see a specialist - your doctor switched you to a product which contains both levothyroxin/liothyronine. Liothyronine is the active hormone required by the T3 receptor cells in our bodies. That why you feel much better (I assume you are) and the reason why your TSH has dropped to a good level. The most important question is 'how do you feel on this new medication'?

I had to look up your Euthyrol hormones and a similar question was:-

I was on Levo 100 mcg but the Euthyral is 100 mcg plus 20 mcg of T3. Anyone else taking these or had them in the past?


RdeR, you don't need your doctor's permission to see an endo in France. Just pick the one you want and make an appointment. Same goes for all specialists. You might be reembursed a little less, but it's Worth it because it's so much less hassel!

And it sounds like you need a good endo because your doctor doesn't know much about thyroid, does he. Starting someone on 100 levo is not a good idea. And it should have been reviewed after 6 weeks, rather than a year. And even after a year, he didn't give you an increase worthy of the name! lol

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Greygoose, Thanks for this, I didn't realise that we could make an appointment without a referral. I asked my doctor last year if I could see an endocrinologist and his response was to shrug. Though I do say in his favour that he introduced me slowly to the Levothyroxine.

RdeR I cannot believe that you have endured such a high TSH for so long, I do hope that now you are feeling much better now. I had not heard of Euthynal before either, interesting to think about a mixture of T4 and T3.


It's OK if you can tolerate synthetic T4. I took it for a while, but I can't tolerate T4, so didn't do very well on it. Lost a little weight, but also lost a lot of hair!


Thanks Greygoose, so if Levothyoxine is T4 then I am already taking that. I loose some hair and weight, think it works according to my bloods although I get tired. What do you find that works for you?


Levo is synthetic T4, yes. If it works for you, then that's great. Adding in some T3 should make you even better, so Euthyral should work for you.

Personally, T3 only is the only thing I can tolerate. I can't take T4 in any shape or form.


Hi Greygoose:- thanks for your reply. Maybe I was a little unclear. I know about the referal system in France. I trusted my G P implicitly.I have started to question certain things.

At the time of my original diagnosis I was also suffering ffrom clinical depression after loosing my wife.(not that I forgot where I put her) . I'm not sure how much of my tiredness was down to hypo-thy and how much was down to the depression. I feel less tired now so my sorties into being tired must be the depression.

Thanks to all for your kind words. Hope you are all ok too, or at least on the road to recovery.

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