Thyroid blood tests

Can any moderator please type up what the 'normal' ranges are for all types of blood tests relating to the thyroid. I realise that we shall vary one to another, but I need to understand exactly what the normal ranges are and what they mean. For years I suffered with CU and dermographism, itching 24 x7 and I found that when I was put on T3 any my levothyroxine was lowered my itching seemed to lessen. This could of course have been a fluke, but??? Thank you.

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  • The itching is likely to be reaction to either the fillers in the levo or the T4 itself if your body ids unable to convert it into the T3 your cells need

    Ranges do vary from lab to lab but what is vital is

    TSH should be below 1

    Free T4 and Free T3 should be well into upper quadrant of their ranges

    so a good T4 will be around 20 on range of 10-24

    and a good T3 around 6 on a range of 4-7

    which are the ranges in our area

  • Thanks - personally do not believe in my case itching could be due to fillers - hives accompany my itching, and I can literally draw on my skin when flaring is bad. But thanks for your input.

  • If you get hayfever or you are chemically allergic it sure could be the levo ingredients

    my husband came out in hives when he walked into a room that had been heavily sprayed with room freshener

    he cannot tolerate levo or T3 or the merest whiff of methylated spirits etc

  • I know people say it can't be the Levothyroxine itself, but I am beginning to think it is in my case.

  • I never have suffered from hayfever - but I have found I cannot stay in the poison section like weed killer, etc in a garden centre. However, my flares of CU come and go which I presume they would not if it was due to the drugs?

  • You can never presume anything when it comes to thyroid.

    Optimal is not a question of numbers, it is when all your symptoms have gone. And that is different for everybody. Lab ranges are just a guide.

  • A guide yes, but seems GPs do not understand a great deal about thyroid bloods, especially if they are against T3 or even checking it. Or perhaps I was extremely unlucky! We all need to take more control of our own health problems and do our best to educate ourselves. To learn from our doctors, they must be good, informed and willing to explain.

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