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Using a combination of Levo & Armour or other NDT

I don't have a thyroid gland due to having it removed 14 years ago because of papilliary thyroid cancer. I now realise that I was never told whether the papilliary cancer was bi-lateral. No ultrasound etc was performed to ascertain this, just the other half whipped out as a precautionary. However I have been more or less ok on Levo although many weird and wonderful symptoms which I was tested for over the past 10 years were probably a direct side-effect of the Levo. I started on 150mcg daily and this was whittled down over the years to 100mcg for 5 days and 125mcg for 2 days. I don't feel quite right on this dosage. I have aches in my thighs, high cholesterol, don't sleep well and have hot flushes. I think I am passed menopause. The flushes over the chest mainly usually start at night. Endo wants me to take as little levo as possible due to possible probs in the future regarding heart and bones. Already had to have hip replacement due to high levels of Levo over the years and nobody mentioning calcium levels. Anyway when I last saw her we talked about Armour or some other natural thyroid supplement, and while she did not recommend it, I was impressed when she said she would still continue to see me if I wanted to try something else. So, rather than going the whole hog ... bit of a coward ... can I used less levo and a little NDT, if so, how do I go about it? Also how would the thyroid levels in the blood be check on a combination dosage. Many thanks for all the helpful advice on this forum.

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This has been posted before. It's how one woman figured out a combination dose. Note that it's very conservative and you may need to go higher, but it at least gives you a minimum dose to try: tiredthyroid.com/blog/2014/...


As an example, I am on 1 1/2 grains thyroid a day plus 75/50 thyroxine.I weigh 9 1/2 stone (whatever that is in kilos).But we are all so different! You may need a completely different amount.This keeps my T3 at the top of the range and my T4 at 21.5 (23 is top of range). My TSH is suppressed.I know I am on the right amount if I sleep well and have no constipation.I sometimes lower the armour by 1/4 grain when weather is hot.


Hi The main thing on NDT is the FT3, T4 can be low and of course the tSH.



Thank you. I think my levels have to be different because of the thyroid cancer all those years ago. I think the TSH has to be surpressed. Bit ignorant on this score.


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