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Hypo'para'thyroidism and Bipolar

I have not been on here for a while due to a family crisis. My son like myself has Hypoparathyroidism, he became depressed after being made redundant so his Gp put him on Citalopram.

I can honestly say i have never seen anything like what took place on these wretched tablet's, my dear son went manic and the result of his action's whilst in this state are beyond belief.

The rest is a very sad story indeed, to cut it short he went as high as a kite and ran manic for three months, he lost 3st in weight so was a mere shadow of his former self.

Most of this event happened whilst on a pre booked holiday in the Dominican Republic where he became very ill and was held in custody, he had to sell his clothing for food.

He was removed from the plane when he was finally released and allowed home because they thought he was on drugs because his pupils were so dilated.

He returned home eventually with servilely ulcerated eye's and had lost 50% of his eye site, a little of his site has returned i am please to say.

After being taken off the plane he was now being held in custody in Antiga where he was facing a court hearing, we had a heck of a job with the British Embassy to get him home.

What goes up must come down and he did with one hell of a bang, he ended up being sectioned and is now diagnosed with bipolar.The poor bloke has gone from a responsible fire arm holder, home owner and granddad to a wreck.

His licensed fire arm's were removed from his home by armed police, he is now having to sell the family home and is still 'very unwell'. This is just a very small insight to what actually took place whilst my son was under the influence of the Citalopram. ( Please take on board this is a rare incident.) This medication 'does not' affect all as it has affected my son, many take it without any ill effect.

Has anyone on here experienced anything of the same or has both of the above ?

The medication for the bipolar is making him so lethargic, together with the Hypoparathyroidism even a shower in the morning wipes him out, that's if he manages to get in it at all.

I am eager to converse with another that suffer's from both the above, Hypoparthyroidism and Bipolar. Jillymo

I would like to emphasise my son's condition was not caused by the Citalopram, in this unfortunate case it enhanced an underlying condition.

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Jillymo, what a dreadful situation. I'm so sorry your son has had such dreadful experiences and reactions to Citalopram. I was diagnosed bipolar in my teens and after a few years on Lithium Carbonate managed with various anti-depressants and managed long periods of remission without medication. Hashimoto's went undiagnosed for more than a year because I thought I the ADs stopped working and I was having a bipolar episode and didn't see the GP until it became obvious, even to me, that it was something else, or in addition to bipolar.

I hope when your son's bipolar stabilises he will be able to reduce the drugs. Anti-psychotics can have awful side effects, exhaustion and fatigue especially.

I don't know much about hypoparathyroidism but these link may be of use.


Hi Clutter, it has been a long time since i have heard from you.

My son and i were diagnosed with hypoparathyroidism many years ago, this alone causes the most dreadful lethargy.

When my son was first put on the citalopram he thought it wonderful to have energy after suffering chronic fatigue for years, but that energy soon changed to uncontrollable mania.

Unlike yourself he is not on Lithium ! He is on a mood stabiliser and amatriptalyne plus a zopiclone sleeper at night, it is no wonder the poor guy cant function.......i'm surprised he can get out of his bed.

It is not a nice way to find out you have bipolar, he might just as well have been on heroin he was so high........the aggression in him was frightening.

His poor wife who was now stranded on the island because my son had been escorted to the main land together with her passport and all the money was in a terrible state. You can imagine the long gap's between communication between her and myself, when i did hear from her the emails filled me with horror.

My son was being dragged out of the sea as drunk as a skunk yet as a rule he is tea total, he chatted up anything in a skirt which is totally out of character, the language coming out of his mouth was foul.

When he was taken off the island to the main land he was surrounded by police with truncheons and guns ! I seriously thought he was coming home in a coffin, he was totally fearless like it was an adventure.

He is now unable to comprehend his actions and is filled with guilt to such an extent he tried to take his life.

It is sad a young couple who have worked hard from the age of 15 now face the loss of all they have worked for. The pre booked holiday was not cheap but the cancelled flights, loss of clothing to buy food ext cost them an extra five grand on top of what had already been spent !

Clutter tell me more about when you were diagnosed and what was taking place, if you dont want to do it in a reply you can private message me.

I have come across bipolar before but i can honestly say i have never seen anything like what was happening to my son. i have never shed so many tears as i have over the last 7mths and i never want to witness anything like it again.........i'm still in shock now, plus my own health suffered from all the trauma. I need to learn about this Bipolar thing so i can help my son, i can read about it but it is so much better to talk to a sufferer like yourself.

So your hashimoto's, i'm graves with hypoparathyroidism and hypothyroidism. i started off as hyper then i went hypo, not sure what was the better of the two.........i cant say i recon either of them, they both make you feel shite

Do you suffer with anything else ? As if that isn't enough. Jill x


Jill, It's so sad. Your poor son shouldn't blame himself. People's judgement and inhibitions can totally diminish during psychotic episodes. Is your son getting help from a psychiatrist or behavioural psychologist? Is hypoparathyroidism genetically linked? I thought it was usually caused by damage during thyroid surgery.

There was no internet when I was diagnosed so I've not researched bipolar and other than my own experiences I don't know much at all about it. My manic phases weren't as severe as your son's and I don't think I was ever truly psychotic. I would start off energised and lively, soul of the party but gradually became hyperactive, fearless and a bit master of the universe, rarely slept, then my behaviour would become reckless and probably aggressive and challenging too. The manic phases lasted a few weeks and could be quite productive and creative at times but I would then plunge into the depths of depression for months, cry 24/7, be unable to eat or sleep and become suicidal. I was never hospitalised but was sedated into zombiedom on several occasions. Lithium is a mood stabiliser and worked well for me. The manic phases became far less intense over the years but even in the last 5 years I've become a bit high and spent stupidly and recklessly. The depression was there most of the time and that's why I needed antidepressants but I have had long periods of remission off anti-depressants and have been off them for 18 months.

Hashimoto's played havoc with what I had thought was controlled/managed bipolar and I'd been feeling ill for months but put it down to the stress of a car accident and two bereavements. I only saw a GP when a lump popped up in my neck overnight. She thought I had Graves from my symptoms but it turned out to be Hashi's. No treatment because bloods were euthyroid. The lump was a large nodule which was removed to relieve pressure on my trachea. The biopsied lump was malignant so I had completion thyroidectomy 3 months later. After RAI I was switched from T3 to T4 and become very ill. I cleared the build up of T4 and I'm ok on T4+T3. I think the T3 is what has enabled me to come off ADs.


Good morning Clutter,

In our case the Hypoparathyroidism is genetic making it somewhat rare, the cause is unknown medical science so we are told is not advanced enough to be shore of the cause.

It is believed to be something to do with the receptor's of the kidneys.

Poor you having to have a full thyroidectomy, were your parathyroid glands damaged in any way and do they regularly check you calcium levels ? it is important for them to do so.

You have been in the war's and boy ho boy doesn't it make you feel rough, sounds like your on the same med's as me.

How much T4 are you on ? I'm taking 150mgs of Levo and 20 of the T3, i had to push my consultant really hard to get the T3 they dont like prescribing it.

Your description of your experience of bipolar is spot on to what i witnessed with my son to a lesser degree thankfully in your case.

Reckless when manic to witness is beyond belief he referred to himself in one email as ' your son Rambo,' he didn't sleep for weeks he was constantly on the go. it was party time from morning till the early hours. ( he is not a party chap as a rule )

The coming down from it was even worse, he was convinced he had done something dreadful and the world was ending due to his actions ! He was convinced the police were coming to take him away, i sat all night with him locked in his home so he did not abscond because we were now trying for a section on him.

In some ways i felt threatened by my own son that night, it gives me a chill to recall it.

He was now refusing to sit so he stood constantly for over 48hrs, he refused to eat or drink.

At one stage during all this he became very tearful at the slightest thing, he was clingy and very touchy as if he needed to feel you.

He couldn't be left on his own, he would go into despair and panic mode, he was now paranoid.

Once sectioned they let him out to soon so he was once again admitted at a later date, it was a nightmare.

When he did come home he had a crisis team come out every day for a short while, he now has someone he referrers to as key worker.

They both need counselling to try and move on from this but the stress of trying to sell the house is holding them back.

Gosh i have written a book Clutter all i need to do now is to publish it earn lots of money and then i could bail them out, how i wish.

Thank you so much for your in site on bipolar it's a bitch of an illness, it's hurting me deep inside to spill this story out.

I wish his medics could see they are not just dealing with bipolar the poor chap also has Hypoparathyroidism but they all treat there own little bit and dont address the whole picture.

Thanks for reading and your listening ear. Jill x


So, so sorry to hear your story about your Son Jillymo.

There is a bi polar - thyroid link.

I do know that if you have Bi polar, it says- get your thyroid checked, you may already know about it ?

Not sure if Doctors would understand the link though as it is quite new findings, but it also connects the same as Thyroid with Autism, Aspergers, etc.

I have been hovering on an Aspergers forum website and saw a post of two men talking about how T3 was curing their ticks and had calmed their outbursts. I know Aspergers is a different from Bi polar, but feel you need to know as it could again connect back to thyroid.

Do Ignor my answer if it is way off course Jillymo.


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I did read of the connection of thyroid and bi polar and i think my son's doctor was aware of it, she got in touch with our endocrinologist. ( Not that he was of any help )

Although my son has hypoparathyroidism they say my son has not got a thyroid disorder ! I myself would disagree and say he has.

The T3 connection is interesting, i wonder if it was the same site i looked at some time ago. i have a close friend with asperger's, which is another difficult illness to manage and live with.

It seem's our thyroid plays a very big part in our lives and wellbeing.

Thank you for your input i shall search the net and read upon on your findings.

it is amazing what you learn on here, thank you.

Ignor you, never. x

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Appologies Jillymo I need to correct Aspergers to Tourettes, I get the two muddled up, it is Tourettes with the ticks and outbursts, but

Aspegers, ADD, Autism, Tourettes, Bi polar, Baby Blues, ADHD are all now connecting to thyroid. (might even be more.)

Research on the thyroid connection is quite new and networking out.

Pleased to hear you are doing some research (googling,)

I told someone on another forum about the Tourettes/thyroid connection and to go to her Doctor to test her son for thyroid and also mentioned the Doctor might not know the connection, but got shouted down by someone who said he did lots of similar research and had not come across it and I should not be putting things out on the forum as i did. :O

I bowed down, apologized and unfortunately was not able to go back to tell the boy's Mum there might be a cure to her son's Tourettes. :(


Also I expect you already know thyroid patients and depression pills push a thyroidy down further, best depression pills are now known to be T3, (oddly connected to thyroid,) but do check that out yourself, to be sure.


That was not nice to be shouted down when you were correct. :-(

My son has been put on amitriptyline and a mood stabaliser, he is unable to function on them.

I was the same when i was given them for fibro myalgia, i had to come off the wretched things.

It is very interesting this new link with the thyroid and mental health, at least T3 doesn't make you sleepy or have some of the awful side effects of other drugs given.

I cant remember if it was on here i first heard of the connection or if it was when i was searching the net when my son was poorly that i came across the article.

Cheer's for the info. Jill x

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Take a look at this video

If i had known how to copy it and put it on here i would have done so, but i am no wiz kid on the computer.

If you know how to do it maybe you could put it on here. Jill x

I told you i was no good at this i have had to edit this message due to a copy and paste error on my part, i need this treatment ASAP i'm brain dead. :-)


Jill, my calcium dropped after the completion surgery but righted itself within a few days. I don't have regular calcium tests but am having one in May because I over supplemented vitD after being severely deficient in 2013.

It's very hard to say how long it will take your son to stabilise and it will take some time to find the right combination of meds and therapy but once he begins to stabilise things will improve. I think I've been lucky that both my manic and deep depressive episodes decreased in intensity as the years went on.

It is a dreadful time for your son but it is also frightening and awful for his family. I hope it eases for all of you soon.


Jill, did you mean to post this link?

My bipolar was diagnosed years before I developed Hashi's but I had comprehensive thyroid testing prior to the bipolar diagnosis to rule out thyroid as an issue and follow up private thyroid testing until I was 30 which was always clear.

If you can get a copy of your son's thyroid results I'll be happy to comment. His bipolar may be a totally seperate illness but it can be exacerbated by low thyroid.


The link was ment for coastwalker but i made a bloomer.


Have you seen this video Clutter ?


Are you prescribed Vit D in the form of calcitriol or calcichew ? Spelling on that one may be incorrect.

I'm pleased to hear your having a blood test in May, keep an eye on it also get copies of your results.

I'm glad to hear your bipolar symptoms have subsided but do you think that is because your thyroid has now been treated, it makes you wonder.

Thank you for your kind words and info it has been a great help, you take care too. jill x


Jill, no I was prescribed loading and maintenance doses of ProD3 for 10 weeks which restored vitD from <10 to just over 100. 3 months later I had resumption of joint pain and supplemented 5,000iu D3 soft gel caps for 9 months and vitD was 384 (75-200) and have reduced to 5,000iu per week. Not sure it is enough but I'll know after May.

Bipolar has been improving for years with long periods off antidepressants. I think developing Hashi did trigger it again but I'd also been extremely stressed with the accident and bereavements. Chicken and egg really. I had a very difficult time on T4 only and was ill for 15months. FT3 was below range and adding T3 improved brain fog and mood quickly but didn't touch the physical symptoms. I came off T4 to clear the build up and have been doing ok. Hoping the current 100mcg T4 + 30mcg T3 is optimal bloodwise as it suits.


Stress plays a big part in the onset of illness, i also had my fare share.

No consultant likes to admit they have caused damage to the parathyroids.

Joint/bone pain, depression, mood, the dreaded brain fog are all part of the parcel. O to get up one morning and feel well and full of energy.

I cant comment on your blood results yours are calculated in a different way to mine. Try and keep a vigilant eye on your calcium and keep copies of your results. You were not on calcium before your op, the fact your on it now

indicates to me you might have some damage.

How much T3 are you on, i take 20mg a day. have you tried the natural desiccated thyroxin ? i have thought about doing so.

I'm pleased the bipolar side of things are now under control, it will give my son a little hope that one day his will be under control to.


Jill, the low calcium was transient and corrected itself within a week of the op. I've not needed to supplement calcium. I'm on 100mcg T4+30mcg T3. Haven't tried NDT as the T4+T3 combination works for me. I always ask for results and ranges and keep them on a spreadsheet to track them.


I've read your posts with interest. I was diagnosed and treated for Bipolar all through my 40s. I always complained of chronic fatigue and the meds made me gain SO much weight. I had short periods of mania. I ended up with breast cancer and went to natural treatments and then discovered I had hypothyroidism and now am discovering I have bad adrenal fatigue.

I still have ups and downs and wonder if it's my adrenals crashing or what? I'm 53 now and trying to get my adrenals and thyroid treated right and hoping everything will straighten out. My son has Asperger's and I pretty sure I have it.

For me, all the meds I took during my 40s, for the bipolar, made me worse. They seemed to "kindle" the illness as well as cause rebound symptoms.

I'm learning how much a healthy gut plays in all this. Look at the book "GAPS". I'm trying to eat well, exercise, and have good sleep habits. I'm doing fish oil and hoping once everything is healthy and balanced....I will do much better. Good luck to you.


My son and i have always suffered from chronic lethargy, the slightest activity will wipe us out for days, he is finding the same with his meds he is unable to function.

It is interesting that your son has asperger's yet your diagnosed bipolar !

You need a synacthen test for your adrenals so push for one if you haven't already done so. What makes you think your aspergers ? Your son might have been misdiagnosed and he could be bipolar, has his thyroid been tested ? If not i would advise he gets it checked.

Fish oil is good and like yourself i have looked at healthy i finish my bar of caramel chocolate. :-)

Naughty but nice, good luck with any future tests and diagnosis. Jill x


just sent a pm


I just did you a nice long reply to find it would not send, how annoying. :-(

I will speak to you tomorrow. x


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