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Really dry feet

I wonder if you can help me with my problem of dry skin on hands and particularly feet. I am taking 75mcg and 100mcg of thyroxine alternate days since having an operation to remove a nodule in my thyroid. About 9 months ago my feet became so dry they crack and I have been given some Flexitol heel balm by the GP. It helps but do you think i need to up my dose. I am tested every three months for levels and they say its ok?

Just want to say what an amazing website this is and how helpful and informative you all are with your posts.

thanks for any suggestions

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bone dry skin is something i have always had, it goes hand in hand with hypoT and sadly does not seem to improve even when you get onto the right dose.

I use organic rosehip oil, it is completely natural with no poisons added and is very nourishing


thanks will try it x


My general skin condition improved on getting to the right dose of t3 but my hands and feet are still bad, particularly my feet. I use Scholl cracked heel repair cream which works really well. It would probably work even better using the heel balm in between. I'll have to give that a try.

When my skin gets very dry all over I use Eucerin intensive treatment lotion. It is expensive but I get mine on prescription as I have eczema and using Eucerin seems to prevent the need for steroids and antibiotics. It seems to stop the skin from losing moisture for quite a considerable time.


thank you i will try the eucerin as my skin is quite dry too x


I've had the same problems for several years - sometimes my heels crack so badly they are too painful to walk, like open wounds. The thing I've found really helpful is to put cream on at night and wear socks in bed - if I do this a couple of times a week I can avoid the problem. I use something called Unguentum - available from pharmacists, it's a fairly basic product and quite cheap. I buy mine from an online pharmacy. I think they use it in hospitals to avoid bedsores etc. Don't think I am breaking any guidelines by providing this link?


thanks for your advice will try it xx


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