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New endo app - how to get him on side ?!?

Hi all

I've got my next follow up due next week and the last endo I saw is on maternity leave so I'm booked to see her superior.

I'm still getting nowhere and feel hypo again on my latest dose of 50 t4 and 5 t3 . (Had to get her reluctantly to agree to any t3)

I feel the only place for be to go now is NDT but fear how it will go down with the new guy.

When I asked her i got the usual -it's not properly regulated in this country , I couldn't possibly recommend you take something so unstable when you have no thyroid blah blah .

Any advice on how to approach this subject with the new guy ? I don't want to set off on wrong foot but equally don't just want to be palmed off with small increase/decrease of t4 when it clearly DOESNT work for be any more !!

Amanda x

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5mcg of T3 is tiny so why not ask Endo about increasing it. Alternatively buy some yourself.

If you're really keen on trying NDT then buy some. We end up with no choice if we want to regain our health and the NHS doesn't help.

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Thanks cinnamon girl . I have tried larger doses of t3 and even t3 only but nothing seems to touch my constant fatigue , aches etc etc.

I guess you're right , if I don't get them to agree for me to try anything else I'll just have to do it anyway otherwise I'll never know ! Have wasted far too many years .


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