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Fluid retention

How do you get rid of fluid retention in a hypo state?

I have been so so good this week trying to lose weight by low carb/protein but got on the scales and have not moved. I can poke my tummy and it wobbles !

Before I got ill, I could do the low carb way for a few weeks and I was back under 9 stone. Now I'm 10 and staying there.

Aqua ban doesn't work, tried Parsley tea - yuck,, I know the lbs are water.

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Think you have to get rid of the hypo state first


I am with you on this. I went from 10 st to 14 stone when I started getting ill. I am now at 13st13. I have been on slimming world, 5/2, weight watchers, low sugar, low carb. I am bursting out of my jeans after nearly 2 months on the 5/2 and taking 4 NDT per day!!!arrggggh!!!

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