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TSH and T4 results

Hi - I have been struggling with a lot of the classic Underactive Thyroid symptoms and have managed to find a very sympathetic doctor, but wanted some thoughts on my test results as they are all coming back very normal.

December tested for TSH - 1.89

February retested for

TSH - 2.04

T4 - 10.6

I've been told these are all perfectly normal and have been lucky in that my doctor has referred me to an endocrinologist. The appointment's on 28th April, but to help prepare me for this meeting. What are people's thoughts on these results and also what questions do you think I should ask at my appointment?

Thanks in advance.


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Difficult to comment without the ranges. Are you receiving any treatment ? If you are then the TSH is too high and the FT4 too low. If not then you need to know what the FT3 is as well. Also the thyroid anti-bodies should be tested - Anti-TPO - Anti-Tg.

Also the following tests should be done - Iron - Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD. They all need to be optimal in their ranges.

What are you hoping for from your Endo ? Is he/she a thyroid expert or someone who deals with diabetes ?


I'm not receiving any treatment at the moment, it was actually a personal trainer I was seeing who insisted I went to get checked out after 6 months of failing to lose weight and finding out about other problems I had been having.

When I called to ask about my results the nurse was pretty useless. The lab wouldn't test my T3 and the first lab my doctor tried wouldn't do my T4.

I think my iron etc was tested on my December blood test, so I need to call back for those results. I might see if they will print out both sets of results for me to take to my endo appointment.

Feeling really naive because I don't know what the endo specialises in, was assuming it would be thyroid...


You could check the Endo out on the internet.... Having been on this forum for over three years - I have the impression there are very few Endos who look at the whole body and rarely come up to the mark. Louise Warvill from Admin has a list of Thyroid friendly Endos and Docs - perhaps that would prove helpful....

Sometimes LOW B12 can masquerade as Thyroid problems - the symptoms are similar....


Thank you I will investigate...


You may need to have your FT3 tested by a private lab if the useless NHS will not oblige.The endo I saw was useless and he claimed thyroid as first interest.He said it's simple. I have had to go private to find one who got out of his chair and examined me.


So frustrating! How did you find a private one and if you don't mind me asking how much did it cost?


I asked a different GP to if he knew an open minded endo. He said he would refer me to one who prescribed NDT but it would be private. So I suppose you can ask your GP to refer but make sure he is one who is open minded.Ask Louise Warvill for the list she keeps. The Dr I saw told me he was the only Dr in the District who prescribed Armour.

All I really wanted was to first increase the Levo. However he was thorough and concerned that my balance is poor despite the bloods looking ok so he recommended a brain scan to check for cerebellum stroke before changing my meds.

3 choices NHS maybe 12 weeks, private slot in the NHS ,shorter time period and cheaper than wholly private. But do not want to hang about . Saw endo last Thursday and having scan a week on Sunday.

Not sure on cost not had bill,but reckon first consult will be £200 plus, scan £670,then more consults!

Still am nearly 70 have saved instead of living on credit and what is it for? Always said if have health problems that are not being sorted will have to pay.Its against the grain seeing as we have paid for 50 years in any case. What's a new car cost or a repair Bill? We flinch and pay it. Our health is more important.


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