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Reduction in lab ranges TSH

I live in Coventry. Got latest bloods today and noticed that new lab range is 0.27 to 4.20 was previously 0.35 to 6.00. At least a step in the right direction. Lab still refuses to test FT3 and FT4 even when new to thyroid medication. Now to educate GP's that they should treat before TSH reaches 10 otherwise the reduction in the lab range will mean absolutely nothing.

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Great news about the range. That might have made the difference between my being diagnosed and, as actually happened, being discharged from the hospital with a letter saying there was no endocrine reason for my symptoms.


This must be very recent as i had bloods taken on 27 Feb and the range was still 0.35-6. Interestingly, the TSH was 2.53, down from 3.28 in May 2011 (or perhaps the range had changed but wasn't registering on the form, but i doubt they would make that kind of error). Thanks for the info.


I think I saw on the screen from 1 April, but not on my printout.


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