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Do i have hashi's?

About 3ish months back my doc tested my thyroid antibodies and it came back elevated. The range was 0.00 to 50 and mine was 54 so elevated but not by much. I asked him ifni had hashimotos and he said i could but he's not sure.

According to bloods i've never been hyper but do get symptoms of both.

For last few months my immune system has been shot. Constantly getting colds, bad chest/infections and just pick up everything going around.

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Hypo101, yes positive antibodies mean you have autoimmune thyroid disease which is Hashimoto's. For some peculiar reason UK doctors struggle with the term 'Hashimoto's' and prefer to call it autoimmune thyroiditis, thyroiditis or chronic thyroiditis.

You might try a gluten-free diet for a couple of months to see whether symptoms improve. Many find it helpful but not everyone.

High dose vitamin C, 1-2,000mg daily will help boost your immune system.


My latest results (March 2015) shows my TPO as 786! I have a print out of my results which reads and I quote " TPO - positive. There is a very high likelihood of developing autoimmune thyroid disease. Suggest repeating thyroid function tests intially at 3 monthly intervals" unquote

At this point I neither have hashimoto or autoimmune

Thyroid disease, not sure what point my TPO has to reach before I am diagnosed!


These are a couple of links for info:-

Some doctors don't prescribe levothyroxine if you have antibodies. They go only by the TSH. Dr Toft of the BTA recommends prescribing if you have antibodies to 'nip things in the bud' as the antibodies are attacking your thyroid gland and you will become hypothyroid.

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Thank you for your reply will read now what you have suggested, I am already starting to put on weight, but think doctors are afraid of prescribing levothyroxine as have AF, trying to get this prescribed, uphill battle though.


AF is often caused by being Hypo or Hyper thyroid and heart symptoms go along with antibodies..there are symptoms to having Hashimotos, apart from having it effect thyroid levels.

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Clockticking, having positive antibodies means you do have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) although it hasn't yet made you hypothyroid. It's not the level of antibodies which gets a hypothyroid diagnosis but your thyroid levels. When TSH goes over 5 or 6 usually or FT4 and/or FT3 fall below range you will be given a hypothyroid diagnosis and treatment will commence.

Hashimoto's is an autoimmune thyroid disease which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Hashimoto's is the disease and hypothyroidism is the condition it causes.

Your own immune system attacks your thyroid gland causing it to fail until it is unable to produce sufficient thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism). Eventually these attacks will cause the thyroid to completely fail and shrivel. During a Hashi attack the thyroid gland may enlarge and become tender and as thyroid cells are destroyed hormone can be dumped and can make the patient feel hyper and hypo at the same time or in succession.

NHS doesn't treat the underlying cause of the autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's) but treats the resulting low thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism) with Levothyroxine. Many people think that all autoimmune disease starts in the gut which is why Hashimoto's patients are often advised to try a gluten-free diet which can help to reduce Hashi flares and antibodies but g-f isn't successful for everyone.

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Sounds pretty typical

you need

free t4

free t3




vit d3 tested

its likely t3 and t4 will be low as may be b12 and ferritin may well be very low indeed


Yes had had those tests also, but for some reason not the T3

T4 - 14

B12 - 511

Serum folate (not sure what this is) 24.0

TSH - 1.38

Serum ferritin - 128.4

Previous T3 (3 months ago) 4.6

All apparently normal, unfortunately I can't define their normal 😊


Circulation is extremely bad! It's affecting whole body but bloods are clear. Docs have been very thouroigh in that department.


Sorry I disagree they are normal

your free t4 and free t3 are low

your TSH is low too which could well indicate Central Hypothyroid

thankfully folate,ferritin,b12 are all ok

what about thyroid antibodies


Your ferritin level is good, possibly at the high end of optimal though, don't supplement iron. Especially if you are post menopause.


Positive thyroid antibodies does not mean you have Hashi's. As your doctor said you could, but more test results need to be looked at. On my thyroid antibodies report it states 'antibodies are markers of autoimmune thyroid disease, (Hashi's, Graves), although they may be detected in healthy people as well. Treatment should be guided by symptoms and thyroid function tests rather than by antibody concentrations'.


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