Dr knows best..my moment of madness

Following on from my meeting at the trust yesterday i decided to respond to the doctor in question. It was a moment of madness on my part because i am sick of feeling powerless. The letter wont achieve anything other that me letting off steam.

To Dr......

I am writing this letter to you to explain how your attitude, rudeness and lack of empathy impacted on me when i came to a consultation with you.

You wer 30 minutes late for my appointment due to a traffic accident, i was also caught up in the traffic but managed to get there on time.

You had infront of you my medical history but what you did not have was a full and upto date history and account of them. I was not given the time to discuss my health problems with you or given the opportunity to epxplain how my symptoms impact on my daily life.

You asked me if i was incontinant, i tried to explain the problems i was having in that area, you cut me short and asked me if i knew what incontinant meant. I found your response very rude and disrespectful. I went on to explain that weakness that i have and once again you did not try to find out what i meant by weakness. Surely getting a correct diagnosis relies on a full and detailed assessment which requires skill, patience and a high level of knowledge and expereince. In my opinion you do not have the afore mentioned abilities.

You then asked me about the times that i fall, i was unable to give you a date and a time and due to this you state in your letter that i do not have falls. You also stated in your letter that i was anxious at the appointment. I was at no point anxious, other factors could have been affecting me such as pain, tiredness or left sided hearing loss. Non of which you were aware of because you did not assess my condition at all due to you not getting the facts from me.

You did not tell me what you were testing for, if you had have done so i would have told you that the test for MG was pointless as i do not have that condition which has previously been ruled out. If you would have assessed me on my clinical symptoms using knowledge and expereince then in my opinion you would realised that my weakness is not what people describe when they have MG.

i have many many symptoms, most of which you were unaware of because you did not listen and allow me to have a voice during the appoointment.

From my expereince of the appointment it was like being in a mail dominant boardroom meeting. You were holding all the power behind your intimidating desk and me on the otherhand a mere female who expereinces, beliefs and expectation meant nothing to you.

The physical examination again was rushed, a few reflex taps and eye movements and that was it.

Research tells us that even with all the tests within normal ranges sometimes people can still have a neurological condition. This is when a great deal of knowledge is needed along with the ability to fully explore every possible avenue to find a cause for the symptoms, or to exclude with absolute conviction that there is no neurological condtion present.

The avove takes me back to the fact that you could not possible conclude that i do not have a neurological condition because you did not have the full facts, this was because

you did not allow me the time or opportunity to explain my symptoms, period.

I realise from my meeting yesterday with the trust that patients can not challenge a doctors professionsl opinion. Seemingley they have a blind faith in the abilities of their staff. Yet we see in the media daily accounts of deliberate and non deliberate form of abuse and neglect from medics.

I know that i have an undiagnosed medical condition which may or may not be neurological. I need to find out what this is so hopefully i can have a better quality of life.

If i had known that your were a gipsi i would have never agreed to the consultaion, if i am going to see a neurlogist then i expect the person i see to be just that.

Maybe if were to put yourself in the patients position it would help you. Most people want answers to their problems, they need to know what they are being tested for and what the findings are. The approach needs to be open and not cloak and dagger stuff which gives you all the power and ultimately strips a patient of their human rights,

For me personally i insist that i am treated with respect, consideration and that my symptoms and expereinces are at the very core of an assessment. Because ultimately my symptoms and expereinces are what will lead to an accurate diagnosis.

In contrast your assessment was based on historic medical facts, a lack of clarity and little or no consultaion from me personally. Fundemantal flaws i would say as im am the patient.

I hope that you take something from my expereince and that maybe no other person will feel like i do, However i doubt it.

Pointless as this letter may be to you, its not to me. Im a fighter with a family who need me. I dont hve the energy or physical strength to participate in life but whatch it go by from the touch line.

You can put down this letter in the knowledge that you still hold the power, thats the way the nhs operate and it wont change.

If i was assessing your symptoms i would say that you have a condition called short man syndrome. I have based this on my clinical findings. Google it and i am certain that you will recongise yourself but you wont admit it not even to yourself,thats part of the syndrome.


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  • An excellent letter - that I am sure you will read again and again and adjust certain points accordingly.

    Writing letters of this nature are very positive - and I do so hope you feel better soon.... Have written a few of those myself and then not sent them. But - I did feel better for getting things down on paper :-)

  • Yes i do feel better for getting it down. Like i have said it will make no difference to him, but he is not important here. For me its the aftermath. the feeling of being ignored, angry and cut off from life itself and still having the same medical problems month after month will no let up.

    Thanks for your support


  • Check spelling before sending, or he'll dismiss it even sooner.

  • I know its not the best written letter ever, but i was flying high on adrenalin and bursting at the seams with anger so i thought who cares tell him how you feel. I know he wont pay much attention to it.


  • First off I was taught NEVER to begin a letter with 'I am writing to you because' but I thoroughtly understand where you're coming from, when I found an endo to prescribeme NDT I wrote to the previous 6 endos to tell them how crap they were! The letters probably went straight in the bin but I felf so much better!

  • Thats the point if it makes you feel batter do it, if it makes you feel worse like attending a meeting like the one i had then my advice is do not do it. I have learnt from it.


  • I sent one last month to an endo who declared my symptoms must be other than thyroid because blood test normal ,but had no idea what the cause was nor any interest in finding out,copied two GPs ,no reply from any of them.

    I think they say a mantra " blood tests normal not thyroid" until they believe it.

    The reality is that they know the cause but the guidelines become rules and they have to say not thyroid to rationalise not treating.

    My GP last week admitted increasing my t4 would cause problems with his insurance if I subsequently had say a heart attack.

  • Good work and you need to send a copy to his boss, just in case he throws it in the bin.

    You shouldn't have been subjected to this idiot and his incompetence, we all need to complain about these medics who fail us. Some are downright dangerous.

    When I wrote to the Practice Manager I pointed out all the mistakes that 3 GPs had made and how they were lacking in basic knowledge as well as being more interested in QOF points.

    I now look back at the letter, written when I was untreated, and whilst it needed better construction it was to the point about their mistakes. I like to think that they will never treat a patient in that way again nor show misplaced loyalty.

  • We can only hope that they do learn from mistakes they make and some probably do but there is still along way to go.

    Well done for challenging them, they may have lost their principles but we can keep ours.


  • Short-man syndrom! Love it. lol I've met so many of them. In France they usually have a huge moustache (sorry, I'm steriotyping). I just googled it and the Wiki explanation must have been written by a short man, I think!

  • Sometimes a taste of their own medicine can work wonders, even if only a second he thinks about his actions.


  • We live in hope!

  • Love it, well done

  • Sanity returning today but no regrets whatsover.


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