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Diagnosis made before appointment with consultent

My GP has agreed to refer me to Rheumy because of ongoing muscle pain and weaknes. She did say that because i have a fibromyalgia diagnosis that the Rheumy will just say that my problems are due to that.That comment was very telling and Its no wonder that sometimes we feel that we are not given the time of day by some consultents if our own doctors are sending negative referrals.

Iv got an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and my daughter has agreed to come with me for moral support. We are going to make sure that the referral is to an appropriate consultent with expereince within the area that i feel my problems are stemming from and not just a Rheumy who is going to tick off what its not and discharge me.

I may look into getting the fibro diagnosis removed as in my expereince it blocks and hinders any serious consideration to other conditions.

We all know what that means, that we are back to square one and feeling no better.

Thanks for listening

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I suggest you google Dr Lowe + fibromyalgia and you will find its all connected to the thyroid but far too many doctors wont face that

You are also likely to find that taking Armour or ERFA or NDT will resolve the issue

It certainly solved my husbands problems with fibromyalgia and is doing the same for our daughter


Thanks, will have a look at that. I think its disgusting that we dont get heard and in this case the label is harmful.


I always remember a TUK member telling me when I first joined up on here that clever Doctors know that Fibromyalgia, Cronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and ME are all symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

These 3 conditions only started to appear when Doctors started to rely on blood tests instead of treating by symptoms only.


The clever ones probably do.....when i find one i will let you know.


I'll hold you to that one yorkshire girl ;) :)


Hope you have patience xx

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Just wondered if you ever managed to get B12 and folate tested yorkshiregirl44, re. your previous high MCV and MCH? Might be worth insisting that the doc tests them tomorrow (and vit D and ferritin if those haven't been done either).


I went to see endo a couple of weeks ago and only managed to get some results that she wrote down as she didnt have a printer. I was low on Vit D and supplementing. Hope my doctor will have copy of results tomorrow.

You have a really good memory hampster how do you manage it.


Aha, lots of B12 of course! Keeping the old grey matter intact I hope.


Looks like its working...keep up the good work


Fair point. I've often thought it would be more helpful to go undiagnosed and let the expert ask the questions and we report how we are feeling so not pressured or pre pressed into a particular direction. At worst we could be barking up the wrong tree and at best we are no further forward. That way we might get an inconclusive diagnoses but it leaves the door open for further consultations elsewhere for these may be extra symptoms that don't match up.


Hello, Yorkshire Girl!

I really hope you can get a good referral from the doc. I too have Fibromyalgia and Congenital Hypothyroidism, and am just starting out on this journey of exploring them better. Find out that just taking Levothyroxine has probably not been good for me at all has been quite a blow emotionally, and I'm feeling really nervous trying to gather the information I need to take to the GP and just praying they are up for helping me get better and show me some empathy.

All thoughts with you xx


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