Hi evryone,

Iv been a member of this wonderful site for a while now. The posts and information has given me valuable information which has helped me understand my condition and what i can do to improve things further.

I have always felt comfortable talking about any issue that was concerning me, in return the responses i have recieved have usually been very supprtive and well meaning.

I have recently been faced with aggressive undertones and attacks on spelling mistakes which i feel are not needed...there are so many more important things going on in the world than a spelling mistake or presssing a wrong button.

Please allow for people to precieve e-mails in their own way and not be turned upon if theie intepretation is not what was e-mail is just that..words in front of us.

I have always respected the way people respond mostly with warmth and empathy.

We are sharing lots of personal information because we need support and understanding not a slam on us personally.

No one person has all the answers, theories and research play their part as does our own personal expereinces.

By sharing these expereinces i persoanlly have been able to find ways of managing my condition for the betteer and have always previously felt able to discuss issues close to my heart in the knowledge that my views and expereinces will be respected and i will not be judged and rediculed.



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  • Hi Christine

    I'm going to pin this as I feel it is an important message for everyone to read.



  • Thanks

  • I do understand exactly what you are saying but sometimes when a post has no punctuation at all, or very strange spelling, as sometimes happens, I do tend to lose the will to continue reading it, because it is a struggle for me to work out what the person is trying to say. I think that as far as possible, we should try to make posts easy to understand, bearing in mind that we are all probably unwell in some way. We need as much help as possible to be able to help others. I hope that makes sense and that I am not offending anyone.

  • Im not offended by what you have said. The minor spelling mistake was only part of it. It was more about tyring to force an issue and cause an argument. Sometimes people can sound like they are superior to to others and i dont feel that is needed. No one is right all the time and there are no wrongs in our expereinces..what we feel is what we feel.


  • Of course and we are all trying to be as kind and helpful as possible. If someone has been anything other than kind, I am so sorry. We are all sensitive little souls under our brave faces.

  • Most people are very kind and helpful thats why i keep coming back to this site.

    I hate it when people dont treat others as equals it gets my back up, No one person is all good or all bad, we all have our flaws. I will only retaliate when someone is overriding someone elses feelings using power games.

    Even though i am feeling pretty ill at the moment i am still able to fight my own corner.....but what about those people who can not.


  • Christine if you feel someone's trying to be argumentative just ignore what they say. We are all here to support one another in whatever way we can.

    Snide remarks or comments are not warranted at all and if the person wants to do that they should go to another site where they can rant and rave all the want to.

    Not on this one. We have enough to contend with by not being either properly medicated or undiagnosed and struggling. Also if on medication it may not be at an optimum level.

    We are not here to pass a test on the written word but some people like to feel superior for some reason.

    Best wishes

  • Hi Shaws and thanks...

    There are too many horrible things going on in the world.......arguments with doctors,pointless hospital appointments and the rest..all very stressful.

    This site has become my haven where i can recieve and give support normally without fear and judgement.

    lets keep it that way.


  • Hi

    The main thing is you've gained valuable information to help improve your health. If it makes you feel any better, I seldom do correct punctuation. Most of the time I forget capital letters commas etc etc. I use------

    Keep taking the tablets and good luck in reclaiming your health

  • Thanks,

    Yes thats a battle initself, we dont need to be battling against unimportant factors.

  • hi there Christine , just always remember that those that consider themselves to be superior to all [ and it is only in their tiny minds ] WILL have a damn site longer to fall -- and they surly will -- I ,as well as you and others have been using this site for some time and have received invaluable info ,advice and empathy from many of the GOOD people here which has allowed my lady to gain a reasonable state of health ---and along the way I have gained invaluable knowledge of something I had no comprehension of . I feel that I have some [ cyber ] friends and they will always have one in me ..... if some pleb upsets you by any remark or reply I would advise you to report it when it happens to louise so that she can deal with it at source ----she has done this in the past ---- and always remember we will always be here for you ......alan xx

  • Thank you for posting this Christine!

    I've felt this way once or twice, just because my brain spits out common knowledge rather than the higher stuff we learn here or my methods for controlling my other autoimmune condition seem 'wrong' to the other person when I've done just as much if not more research into how to do it.

    Taking in all this information and putting it into practice is a feat in itself at times; new food, dealing with symptoms, taking supplements and trial and error with medication of all kinds! It's a monumental learning curve, especially when you're dealing with something as important as saving/reclaiming your health. And all this whilst your brain fogs up like a Sherlock Holmes plot line! It's damn hard.

    <Hugs> I'm right there with you in spirit. Ignore those that deem it necessary to send out the grammar police. English is not important when you are trying to communicate your struggle, listening is.

  • Christine, although I don't go around correcting people's spelling, it can sometimes be very difficult knowing what people are talking about when the spelling is wrong. However, I know a lot of this can be blamed on auto-correct (whoever invented that is a sadist!). But it would help if people checked what they have written before they post. It's what I always do and I usually find lots of mistakes - I'm dislexic and I blame that on the Hashi's!

    I'm sure nobody meant to be aggressive to you, but some of us spend a lot of time writing replies (and checking them) so it can be a little annoying when others don't care what they post. You see what I mean? Takes respect on both sides.

    Hugs, Grey

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