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Just got levels at diagnosis: Interesting reading

Last time I saw my GP I asked whether she could look up my test results at diagnosis in 1995. I think they're quite interesting.

TSH: 10.4

Free T4: 10.4

Thyroid mycrosomal antibody titre: 409,600 (<400 - GP notes that this was 'clearly massively increased')

Thyroid thyroglobulin titre: 25,600 (<400)

She also notes that 'at the time you were having some symptoms which it was not sure were attributable to hypothyroidism but you were started on thyroxine 50 mcg daily'. You don't say... :-D

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Hose, such masterly understatement! They're the highest antibodies I've seen (highest ranges too). Have antibodies been tested since you've been on treatment? Not saying they should be, but just wondering if they've dropped.


I think they may have been tested in 2009 when I was pregnant with my first child but I don't know the results. Is there any value to getting them retested?


hose, I don't think so, although others may not agree. I can't really see the point in retesting unless one wants to see whether dietary and lifestyle changes have reduced them.


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