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I was on 100mcg of Levo when I got an appointment with an endo at my request. He told me to reduce my Levo to 75mcg and take 10mcg of T3. This was over 3 weeks ago but I haven't noticed any benefit yet. Is it too soon or is the amount of T3 too small. I notice that the lowest dose you can buy is in 20mcg tablets and they are so difficult to cut in half. I've tried a pill cutter but that just shatters them, so I'm using a sharp knife and trying not to waste too much! Thank you.

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  • Some people find using a (safety) razor blades work. My cutter works fine.

    I think it might be that you need an overall increase in thyroid hormones. If I were you I'd try 20mcg of T3 instead of 10mcg. 75 levo plus 20mcg T3 is equal to around 150mcg which you might find beneficial. If you take a dose which isn't sufficient for you, it wont make a difference.

  • Thank you for that, it was what I was thinking too, so I'll give it a go xx

  • Bang down hard when the pill is in place :-) Ensuring the pressure is top to bottom and not skewed !

  • Unfortunately I can't bang down hard as I have neuropathy and mild arthritis in my hands! Even when the pharmacist tried the tablet broke into pieces!

  • ...oh dear. I once read on this forum that a lady nibbled on her T3 tablet throughout the day :-)

  • Thank you for your suggestion. I get my t3 on the NHS and although I use an independent pharmacist it is unlikely that he will be allowed to get them from the USA. I will ask him though this week as I am due to pick up a prescription. Thanks again.

  • Welcome to the lick-finger-and-dip club! I can usually get one half OK but the other half is in little bits. I just lick my finger and dip them all up. I actually noticed the difference when I started T3 within hours. I think my body was craving it, as I was not doing well on T4. My brain came back within a week - it was bliss to be able to think again!

    I have just booked another blood test (3 week wait) and an appointment with my GP (4 week wait) to try to get him to up the dose as a lot of symtoms have come back.

  • The endo has told me not to have too many tests! My trouble is that I have a plethora of conditions and it's hard to tell which symptom is for which condition! I'm glad I'm not the only one with problems splitting the tabs! Good luck with your next appointment xx

  • Make sure the line down the pill is lined up with the cutter - no problems at all with mine yet.

  • Hi Maggie, I am also on a trial of Levo plus T3. My endo told me to halve my 100mcg Levo tablet and take two halves of a 20mcg T3 tablet each day. Like you I'm having problems breaking the pills accurately, though the Levo is the hardest to cut. I can't say I've noticed any benefit from the T3 so far, but have a blood test booked for later this month, and an appointment to return and see the endo. Will be interested to hear how you get on if you increase your total dosage. MariLiz

  • Hi there

    I went back to 100 mcgms daily and dropped the t3 altogether. The reason I did this was because my hair started to fall out and the docs thought the t3 might be responsible. It wasn't, I have alopecia and am bald as a coot! When I saw a gp when my hair started falling out he said my TSH was too low and wanted to drop my Levo to 50! I refused and saw another gp who actually knew about thyroid results after taking t3 and kept me on 100. Why is it always such a battle #sigh. I hope you get on well with your t3 trial - please let me know how it goes xx

  • Hi again Maggie, so far my hair is OK! Just everything else falling apart! Lol! I am planning to stick with this trial, as it took ages to get referred to the endo. My GP is being supportive, so I feel I must wait until after the blood results and follow up endo appointment. I had hoped to feel better on the T3, but I really don't think it's helping at all. Will report back after my results. Sorry to hear about the alopecia, my Mum had that, she always said she thought stress caused hers. Good luck with the ongoing battle! MariLiz xx

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