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I have been having a reaction to relatively low doses of levo. I felt like I was bipolar at one point with my thoughts racing! I have managed to build up the levo extremely slowly (increasing by 25mg on one day a week but always going through some king of speedy crisis situation before it settles somewhat) but I still have the very chatty mind and anxiety feelings sometimes and the endo blamed it on me. Said that I had an underlying anxiety problem that manifests when I have the right dose of T4. During all of my appointments despite have very low in range T3 did they ever suggest me supplementing with T3. And when my T3 went up slightly to 4.0 they threw me off their books saying they had sorted my thyroid problem and if there was any other issues it was not to do with my thyroid.

I have decided I must now try supplementing with a small dose of T3 to see if that helps. I have noticed on a website that sells it the tablets are in 75mg dose. Does anyone know how to break up the tablets or somewhere that sell smaller doses?

I've been wondering whether to ask my doctor but I just dont trust any of them anymore.

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Karunablue, The 75mcg T3 available from Mexico is slow release and may be in capsule form which will be nigh on impossible to cut down to the 6.25mcg dose you should trial initially.


Thanks clutter xxx


This is often an adrenal problem which works in tandem with thyroid. Dr. Bergman explains the connection.


Heloise I haven't watched it all yet but this seems extremely relevant. I was extremely stressed myself for many years and I wondered if it the adrenals were affected. I also have gall stones and high cholesterol which fits. I went to the gp recently to request a test on the adrenals and so she did a full request for everything including 8:00am cortisol and bizarrely every test was done apart from the one I asked for. I haven't been back yet to say I have little faith in them anymore and wondered if I should pay for the saliva test anyway. Thankyou very much for the info x


Hi Karun, I wish I could get the link for Healing the Adrenals and Thyroid. Pettals had posted it last month.

The adrenals are the first to react to stress (maybe the hypothalamus is actually first) and sends out cortisol and if it continues it has to tamp down thyroid function because it is using up energy stores due to the fight or flight impulses.

I've been thinking we have to look at this whole thyroid problem from a holistic perspective. Relaxation techniques that relieve this type of stress should be part of the strategy. Of course, some of the stress for hypos may be the gluten sensitivity. There are difference types of stress.

He really emphasizes the neck vertebra and I've been trying to do neck pilates I've found on YouTube. It's important to keep the curve so that your brain can receive oxygen. It makes sense to me.


Yes for sure. I learned meditation about 10 years ago and learned how to settle my whole system again. More recently I've cut out a lot of gluten and a lot of sugar which seemed to help with the conversion shifting from 3.5 to 4.0. I'll look into this neck pilates, I do some yoga though only manage one class a week.


He actually thinks bipolar and Parkinson may be due to the neck problem. I wish you would try T3 only for a while. Dr. Bergman says T4 is not a hormone, just a prohormone which isn't very compatible with good health. And you are taking such a low dose.

If T3 only settles your anxiety issue, you could go to an NDT or have you already tried that? You are doing so many good things, you have to look at what may be wrong.

Looks like you really are close to big improvements. Check out his video about the nervous system (if you can stand that high pitched laugh). But he's so smart.

I've been also looking into the various oils used in foods, sauces, dressings since he talks about how they derive oil from their sources.....more soy oil is very prevalent.

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Yes thankyou very much I will try it. I have sourced some near to a place I visit. Yes I am so much better than I was. But I feel it can be even more optimal. That is so fascinating. I m looking forward to listening some more to dr Bergmans work. I haven't tried Ndt yet. My endo said that using Ndt was a load of b****cks. I couldn't believe it. Have you used it? I know lots have had success with it


Karun, you can click on my name and see my profile. I've been on everything. haha I think there is a small percentage of people who do better on levo but Armour has been used for a hundred years or more.

This is another functional medicine doctor I feel has the same mindset. This is NOT a thyroid issue. It is an autoimmune issue for most women. He has 5-min. videos on 24 different reasons for thyroid problems. I'll post his first one but #16 and #17 are on serotonin and dopamine I think you will find very interesting.


Thank you once again. Sounds like you have an interesting journey too :)


Well, we have to carry on. I wish I had known then what I know now!

As long as I can push my golf clubs and walk nine holes of golf, I'm satisfied.

I do hope you can find the specific areas that are fouling you up and perhaps even reverse them. Best wishes!



Convertion troubles may well be the cause of your troubles but before you go to the trouble of getting T3, have you considered you may be either under medicated or have Hashimotos?

Being under medicated can give the same symptoms as being over medicated. Hashimotos can also bring confusing results after feeling hyperthyroid when thyroid cells are broken down and stored hormone is then dumped into blood stream, or hypothyroid when there just isn't enough thyroid hormone.

I too have experienced very weird head stuff going on and am medicated on only Levothyroxine. I have recently changed endos, am having lots of exploratory tests and researching all avenues.

I have found listening to self guided meditating cd's to be beneficial in calming anxiety and gaining some sort of control.

Remember you were once well and that it is a huge chemical imbalance which will get better with the right treatment.

Good luck.


Thankyou Flower. I find meditation very helpful too. I think it has helped me to watch more clearly what is happening. Be interesting to find out about the testing your having. Did you go private with your second endo?


yes, pm me if you want details.


My own experience is that an increasing dose leads to jumpiness, until your body gets used to it. It took me about 6 months on the same dose.


Thankyou dfran. I haven't heard anyone else say this yet. I increased my dose by 25mg a week and then stayed on this for about 2-3 months whilst it settled down but at the moment I still feel a bit speedy so I have also decided to reduce it by 25 mg


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