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dry itchy scalp

i am at my wits end with this itchy scalp.3 years now. thyroid test keep coming back normal, i have a b12 deficiency and folic acid probs.would this cause the itching along with adrenal fatigue. last year my results were 5.0 the range being 0.00- 34.00. just had another done but the ranges were not given. just said target cells were present. with a serum tsh level of 0.81 ranges 0.40 - 4.00 no action needed.

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I suffered with itchy scalp years ago, long before I was diagnosed and my GP then recommended Boots brand baby shampoo which I found works for me. It doesn't work for my son, unfortunately. Clemmie


Some people use baby products to help with eye problems. They are specifically recommended to get baby bath rather than shampoo. From personal experience, some (but not all) shampoos cause itching whereas none of the baby bath products did. Fundamentally they are very similar. I found Johnson & Johnson shampoo to be bad but another one, I think Asda, was fine.


is scalp a symptm of hashimotos thyroidism or the lack of b12


To be clear - my issue was with eyes, not scalp.

I think you might get a better response by posting over on the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum here on HU. They tend to be better on B12 issues than we do.


What is your vitamin d level, my itchy head has gone since I managed to get vitamin d under control.



I get psoriasis on my scalp so it drives me mad with itching. I was told to try sulphate free shampoo after trying Johnson's baby which didn't help. Boot's do Berts Bees brand which is a bit pricey but does last quite a while. There are other brands but it can take a bit of searching, I googled 'sulphate free shampoo' & went shopping with a list, good luck,

Cath x


T-gel shampoo helped me


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