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Recognised list of thyroid symptoms

Hello there, following on from previous advice, I am looking to set up a diary/record of previous history and symptoms, and update regularly (I havent been diagnosed, but I do have thyroid antibodies)

So this might sound like a silly question, but is there a recognised (by Dr's) list of symptoms for hyper and hypo thyroid problems?

I would like to look at the symptoms I used to suffer from...being wired, unable to sit still I was skinny and was told to put on matter how hard I tried I struggled. Also how I've changed, how I am now sluggish/tired etc, even though I exercise every day and eat healthily that I have zero energy no matter how much or little sleep I have amoungst many other symptoms.

I have asked for my results to be sent and feel like I want to do something productive whilst I'm waiting for them...not very patient haha.

On a different note, I just wondered if anyone with thyroid issues has ever had trouble with contraceptives. I have tried the injection, different contraceptive pills and I really just don't get on with any of them.

Thank you very all your help...☺️

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Kerrieh, there are more than 300 symptoms anecdotally reported by hypothyroid patients but it is not likely that one person will suffer all of them. Doctors only recognise the most obvious ones, fatigue, cold, weight gain, hair loss but some hypothyroid patients lose weight, may be intolerant to heat and may not lose hair. Keeping a diary of your own symptoms, noting improvement or adverse effects when dose is adjusted can be helpful for you to track changes but most doctors are only interested in blood test results. It's quite common to become hypothyroid after a period of hyperthyroidism.

This link lists common hypothyroid symptoms

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Thank you. Yes I have noticed there seems to be a lot of various symptoms - I mentioned a couple to the endo and he seems to be a bit confused as didn't think it was just wondered what the recognised list was. Thank you I shall be printing this, and marking what other symptoms I suffer (whether considered related or not).

Thank you again


Kerrieh, What thyroid patients consider to be thyroid related and what doctors and endos consider to be thyroid related are usually a million miles apart. I was told my thyroid surgeon that most of my symptoms were non-thyroidal but they resolved after thyroidectomy and I discovered subsequently that they were classic Hashimoto's/hypothyroid symptoms.


I am starting to realise that...I know in my experience that my previous doctor practically fobbed me off telling me I was depressed and of course i was tired I had children, no belief in my symptoms ...I wish I had been a little more able to to tell him how wrong he was 😔 didn't seem to want to look at my symptoms altogether. This forum seems absolutely fantastic for support ☺️


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