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T3 dose


After receiving some grateful replies on Sunday re my daughter's T3 dosage could I just ask another question please.

She was over medicating and was advised to reduce back to the dose she felt well on which was 35 mcg. Yesterday as she was not feeling very well decided to not take any T3 so the question is can she take the 35 mcg today or should she start off afresh on 25 mcg. then work up to the 35.

Many thanks browny

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She could start at the dose she felt well on, I believe 35mcg. She should then take her temp and pulse about 3 times during the day. If she has a fast heartbeat or too hot etc, higher temp I would miss tomorrow's dose and reduce to 30mcg next day and be patient for a number of days to see if that is the best dose for her. Liothyronine (the active hormone) shouldn't affect us but sometimes it is the binders/fillers in the tablet that can be a problem for some people. They have been for me. At present 35mcg T3 is approx equal, in effect to around 150mcg levo.

Sometimes some food might interfere with the uptake so don't eat until about an hour after T3.


Many thanks Shaws for your reply,

I told her to miss one dose yesterday then revert back to 35mcg. daily as this is how I understand it from the replies I received on Sunday but she misunderstood me and did not take any at all yesterday so I was not sure if the 35mcg. would be too much to take today after missing all full days dose.


No, I don't think it matters too much as the effect of one dose of T3 lasts between 1 and 3 days.


Sorry, I don't know enough to recommend what to do but I feel that the third day of the same dose of T3 will show give more of a final result so if that feels like too much, it probably is.


Thank you Heloise for your reply.


I do understand that it is a worry, particularly as it is your daughter who is trying to get better. I hope things go smoothly.


Yes it is a worry, we are both struggling at the moment but my daughter has been much worse than me so I do obviously worry about her.

Fingers crossed she can get back on track.

I think she thought because she felt 75% better on the 35mcg. then she thought if she increases the dose she would feel 100%.

Hopefully if she feels like she did on the 35mcg. again, how long should she stay on that dose before trying an increase or should she just stay on the 35mcg.


If she feels well and stable that's the dose she should stay on. If she begins to get clinical symptoms again, that's when a new blood test should be requested before she increases/decreases.

Hopefully she'll do fine and get back to a normal health.

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Thank you, very much appreciated.

Best wishes browny


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