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How fast did you rise your t3 only?

Hello everybody,

I just started t3 only. I also just bought recovering with t3 book but I haven't read it. Maybe you guys can help me...

After listening to a few podcast I realized that I have been incrementing my t3 dosage per day too fast. Should I go back to small dosages?

5/12 (20 mcg in two)

5/13 (35 mcg in 4 dosages)

5/14 (35 mcg in 4 dosages)

5/15 (40 mcg in 4 dosages)

Today (5/16) so far I've taken 35 in 3 dosages.

Should I go down again? any advice?

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The best advice is - read the book! :)


I know :) I just bought it and will get it in a day or two but I am wondering if before I get it and read it I should lower my dose. I have been checking my vitals. Everything looks fine. I don't go above 37 degrees and my resting heart rate is around 82.


Oh I see, it hasnt arrived yet! I have read it but can’t remember everything. I’d keep on the same dose so you concentrate on reading and assim8lating the book when it comes. It’s a really good book, worth waiting for...


Nothing on your profile about your history. How long have you been hypothyroid? Have you been on levothyroxine? If so are you on a reducing dose or have you left 6 weeks for it to clear your system? Do you have conversion issues? Are you levels of vitamins and minerals at optimal levels? Do you have hashimoto’s disease? Hard to give an opinion on so little information.


I have been using thyro gold but my reverse t3 was really high. Before I started taking thyro gold my Ft3/Rt3 ratio was 13. I took thyro gold for a month but my symptoms got worse. I was having palpitations. My functional doctor prescribed t3 only while I go through a Metal detox. I two antibodies are less than one. I haven't check my vitamins but my minerals look fine. I eat a low carb high fat diet.


I have been with depression for a long time and for a long time my t3 was in the low 2. I just didn't know how to interpret the results, that's why I didn't know I had subclinical hypothyroid.


Normally, one starts on 5 mcg and increases by 5 mcg every two weeks. How do you feel after increasing so fast? Your body is probably very stressed, and it might hit you later when the T3 really kicks in. It isn't always instant.


I helped a friend add a little T3 to his Levo last Autumn. He contacted me recently to say that he's been really seeing the benefit the last month or two. When I saw him around Xmas, he hadn't felt any effect yet and was thinking about giving it up.

So for him it took about 4 months to really improve his symptoms! He maybe felt worse the first month or 2, including having more anger and other emotional stuff.

This is someone who has congenital hypothyroid, and has been extremely undermedicated for 6 years. I suspect periods of under medication throughout his life, never had access to T3 before.

I was quite shocked. Its given me a big reminder how slow these things work.


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