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Self medicating results

Hi there,I was just wondering if I could have some advice. Doc has me on 150mcg levothyroxine. 2wks ago I introduced an ndt from Thailand. I started with half a grain,introducing it to 1 grain (half in morn an half in evening) an now I'm taking 1whole grain along with 100mcg levothyroxine. I got tested few days ago an my tsh 0.15

T4 17.9 (12 - 22)

T3 6.1 (3.1 - 6.8)

Still feeling fatigued. Currently at my mums as I'm finding my 2yr old daughter hard work on my own. Don't have the energy to keep up with her which makes me sad. Do I need to adjust both meds? Any advice appreciated x

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Hi Georgie

I see you have graves and had RAI last year. There will be people here who have more experience on the hyper/graves side but looking at your results they look good and don't indicate being under medicated.

Have you had your iron, folate, b12 and vitamin D checked? These can all cause severe fatigue if not at optimal levels.

And although you aren't over range maybe the introduction of NDT could be causing you some "hyper" symptoms?



I had a few different vitamins tested at the end of last yr an there was nothing that stood out. My gp thought I was depressed so she has me on 100mg sertraline so I wonder if that's what might be making me tired? I take my thyroid meds in the morning and sertraline at night x


Low B12 can cause depression, as well as low thyroid. Did you get a print-out of the results? Because what your doctor considers to be ok might not be at all. If something is in-range, that's all they care about, but if it's too low in the range then it needs supplementing.

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How about this :

and this :

If you type 'hypothyroidism and thirst' into Google, a lot comes up.


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