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Thyroid antibodies test

Hello. I would like to have my thyroid antibodies tested as they have not been tested for a long time and are not even on my endocrinologist's records. When I last saw my endo, he said that he seemed to remember my GP's tests showing that I did not have the antibodies to be diagnosed with Hashimoto's, but he said it was probably still an auto-immune problem and the cause did not matter as the treatment was the same.

I am due to see my very helpful new GP and would like to ask to be tested to see if my underactive thyroid is caused by an autoimmune problem. Can you tell me what antibodies I should be asking to be tested for other than Hashimoto's?

I have still not resolved my energy problems despite taking T3 and I am looking to try some complementary therapies working in conjunction with my GP. I think it would be helpful to this to know whether I am dealing with an autoimmune condition or something else.

Any help on what tests to request gratefully received! :)

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The anti-bodies are called Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg.

Have you tested B12 - Iron - Ferritin - VitD - Folate - all nned to be at their individual optimal levels for you to feel well.

Have you considered adrenals/DHEA ? Do you hve any gut issues ?



Thanks Marz. I'm having the iron etc tested. And a basic cortisol test. I am reading up on gut issues as I think this is probably an issue and maybe why I don't respond well to medication. I am on a gluten-free diet but would like to look at gut flora issues, but I think that is not something the NHS would recognise so maybe one of the complementary therapists I'm hoping to see will be able to help with that.

Are the anti-bodies you mention related to other, non-specific thyroid auto-immune conditions then? Is Hashimoto's the only one with a specific name ?

Many thanks for your help. Much appreciated.


The anti-bodies I mentioned - are thyroid anti-bodies. Not sure if they are affected by other auto-immune issues. I also have Crohns which is auto-immune and I cannot reduce my thyroid anti-b's....this has had me wondering ....

Sorting the gut health out is something we have to do on our own. The NHS only interested if they have a pill from Big Pharma that sorts out the symptoms - rather than looking for the underlying cause .

I live in Crete - so mostly go it alone :-)


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