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Thyroid results

Thyroid results

Hi, I've just got my Thyroid blood results back today as below:-

2.4 (.35 - 4.7)

T4 level 7.7 (7.8 - 21)

Does anyone what this means?

I'm not due to see my GP until 26/3/15 and I'm also trying to get pregnant since 19/2/15 & taking folic acid. Does this mean I have a thyroid problem and will I have fertility problems?

I've only just been advised by a friend to use this site, so I'm a newbie! lol

If anyone can help I would be grateful.


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Welcome to the forum, Jblakey.

TSH rises when the pituitary gland senses lack of circulating thyroid hormone. Free thyroxine (FT4) measures the amount of thyroxine (T4) you have available for conversion to T3. Your FT4 is below range which means you need thyroid hormone replacement, Levothyroxine, although your TSH isn't very elevated.

Hypothyroidism can cause fertility problems but they are usually temporary and resolve when optimally medicated.

TSH over 2.0 and low FT4 can make conception difficult and increases the risks of miscarriage and post partum thyroiditis.

NICE recommend that the TSH of women planning pregnancy or newly pregnant should be in the low-normal range of 0.4-2.0 with FT4 in the top 75% of range. Levothyroxine dose is usually increased by 25-50mcg when pregnancy is confirmed to ensure good foetal development as the foetus is entirely dependant on maternal thyroid hormone during the first trimester.

Good luck with your pregnancy. :)


Thank you so much for your response to my query. Much appreciated. Juelz


Are you getting any symptoms of hypothyroidism etc? As for your results, the first one is your TSH level I guess, ideally your TSH ought to be 1 or below, but there are other factors that can be at play, ie nutritional deficiencies like iron, B12, Vit D, etc that can create similar symptoms, also there are more vitamins needed in the conversion process, and one of these missing could lead to a conversion problem. Can you find out your T3 levels too, as T3 is the energy hormone and T4 is a storage hormone awaiting in various parts of the body to be converted to T3

Hope that helps a bit, and not confused dot com


Hi, in response to your question if I'm getting any Hypothyroidism symptoms please see the below:-

extreme tiredness/lethargy/lack of stamina & motivation

Always hot & cold

Feel generally rotten

don't want to be out & socialising with people

Gained weight

Memory loss/brain fog/slow thinking


Hearing loss

Hair loss: Really dry hair that falls out & hardly no eyebrows

flaky /dry skin

Nails that are dry and break

Nervousness & tightness of chest

I will find out what my T3 levels are and let you know.

Thank you.


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Yep by those symptoms, you've got a thyroid problem that needs sorting out, also you need your adrenals checked out, VIT d, iron, b12, and maybe candida too, reason I mention these is that usually one or more accompany thyroid issues. Also if you've taken antibiotics without a probiotic supplement you can end up with leaky gut n candida.. Looks like you need to get some testing done, but don't let them fob you off with things like their in range, in range is like wearing a size 7 shoe with a size 9 foot agony right...


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