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Help with t3 only problems

Hi there

I started T3 in November as I cannot tolerate thyroxine. I have slowly worked up to 40 mcg per day. I seemed to be doing ok with it. More energy and losing weight. I am finding that there are times where I am not doing so good though and think possibly my sex hormones could be contributing to this. I seem to have a lot of ups and downs during my cycle which to be honest I am finding it hard to work out what is going on.

Last month was 30 days and this month is 25 days. I am getting days during the month where I am experiencing a type of extreme morning sickness. I think that I have improved on T3 as my migraine attacks have lessened and I do have more energy. I'm just not sure how to improve these symptoms of high/ low sex hormones as I cannot seem to fathom them out even though I am keeping a diary.

I seem to have bloating and sickness, depression and lethargy on days 3-10, ovulation is now earlier around day 12 with bloating, sickness etc following that and then this month days 19-23 were awful. I had terrible anxiety and jittery. Adrenaline rushes, waves of morning sickness, heart thumping. Every time I took a dose of T3 my heart would hurt. I had to lower the dose for a couple of days. It felt hyper even though my vitals, heart rate, temp and blood pressure were ok. I am wondering if this was the progesterone drop causing adrenal stress. I then got my period on day 25. I am back to normal dose and fine again.

Can anyone help me make sense of what is happening? Thanks in advance.

Carolineanne x

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CarolineAnne, have you had your sex hormones tested?


Thank you for answering Clutter. I had them tested in Sept 2013 and November 2014 when I had my saliva adrenal test done.

Sept 2013 ( day 22)

Oestradiol ( noon) 3.1 (6-30)

Progesterone ( noon) 759 (300-1900)

Testosterone ( noon) 252 (35-350)

November 2014 (day 19)

Oestradiol 47.6 (6-30)

Progesterone (noon) 886 ( 300-1900)

Testosterone (noon) 350 (35-350)


CarolineAnn, I don't have any knowledge of sex hormone levels but there are members who understand them. I suggest you cut and paste your results into a new question and ask for interpretation and advice. You might post your saliva test results too in case they have any bearing. Mention sex hormones and saliva test in the title to attract the right attention.


Ok will do. I don't really understand them either. Thanks Clutter :)


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