Up and down energy levels,

Wow, I had a good positive day yesterday, want to sort clothes out for the jumble as I have lost 2.5 stone in a year and not going back there. I even started an exercise class in the evening, kept up quite well. I thought that I would sleep well, but no, too hot, too cold, thirsty, shopping lists, you know, just couldn't sleep. Had a banana, switched on the tv. Then the alarm went off and slept like a baby!!

So why is it the next day it feels tense in the chest, as though there is not enough energy in the heart, its slow and sluggish, although I don't feel sleepy, just having to go at half speed even though my brain is active. I have had my vitamins and minerals as normal, eaten the same thing so what is the difference. I wonder if I used up a vitamin or mineral yesterday and now I am lacking today. I take my levo in the morning around 7am and then have breakfast at 8am along with Nutri Thyroidx3. Is this the best time to take thyroid, is this the time when thyroid is normally released. I was even getting tired today just talking. Any ideas? It would be good to know then could prepare for the down day by taking something extra.

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  • Dramlouie, I think you need to pace yourself more. It sounds like a very full on day yesterday, particularly if you've been relatively inactive recently plus exercise will eat up your T3 so it's no wonder you're feeling wiped out today. The optimal time for taking T4 is the time which suits you. The T4 you took yesterday will not be absorbed and converted to T3 for a few more days.

  • Brilliant, ok so I know now what it is. When I think about it the day before met some friends I haven't seen for 48 years! Then yesterday had a big meal out, the salad I ordered turned out not to be a salad but a huge plateful of gammon, eggs and chips. Then did 45 mins of Fitsteps which was oh so fun, I got carried away with myself. I do go for a brisk 20 minute walk twice a day every day. I am more active now the spring is here. Is there a solution to needing more T3, I am only taking 35mcg levo. Perhaps a trip to our Dr P is in order. With kids I can't have a down day, they depend on me a single mother for lifts and I help my 90 year old Mum.

    I wonder why you call yourself clutter, is it after my bedroom!! x

  • Dramlouie, I wasn't suggesting you need a dose increase but it may not be a bad idea to have a thyroid test if you haven't done so recently to see whether 35mcg is enough.

    I'm called Clutter due to my exquisitely tidy showroom house and gardens - NOT!

  • I have never had my T3 tested. I had my T4 and TSH tested when I had an anxiety attack at the doctors which was a 6 hours after taking levo. I had a heart attack due to unknown cause in Jan 2014 so I am super sensitive with regard to the heart, any palps and I go into anxiety mode, although I am getting better with that and realising from this site that it is quite normal. I should be taking 25mcg but increased it myself as I am prescribed 50mcg but have to halve them as Actavis only do 50mcg. Another doctor advised increasing it. Jan 2015 free T4 14.4 (12-22) and TSH 1.73 (0.3-4.2). This was when taking 35mcg. It says on the results normal, continue on same dose, another test in a year.

  • Dramlouie, TSH is quite for someone on Levothyroxine and T4 is low in range. Plenty of room for increasing to 50mcg.

  • I have no idea whatsoever if it is based on any facts whatsoever but, if I have a "busier" day (which might only be having a friend round for an hour and a cup of tea, or doing a bit of weeding in the garden, but absolutely nothing strenuous), it sometimes really knocks me out the next day.

    It has taken me a long time to accept that I just can't live my life the way I used to and, thankfully, I have a nagging husband who insists I take things easy too. I am older now, and it isn't hard to be a lazy so-and-so :)

  • It is so annoying when I see my friends doing work outs etc. The doctor won't check my vit/min levels, just says I am well. So I am increasing my vit D as have awful stiffness in the mornings and muscle pains. I have also noticed a big difference when taking 1000mc sub lingual methylcobalomin B12, my breathlessness vanished. I am making headway and having more better days so going in the right direction. I hope you have tried everything before you accept it. Just taken my pile of vitamins minerals herbs ready for the Mothers Day. Better go, got the family waiting for me. x

  • Oooo no, Dramlouie, I definitely haven't just accepted it. I nagged for blood tests for vitamin D, B12 etc., and am deficient or low-in-range for everything. What a surprise <not>, but I have found a much nicer GP who is actually dealing with it. I have a (new) endo who also recognises that people with Hashimoto's may have absorption issues - I still have to ask for everything, nothing is ever done as routine, but it is better than being totally fobbed off (which is something I had for several years).

    Despite supplementing, I think I have accepted that things will be different now, and I am OK with it. My husband and grown-up children are also very supportive with everything.

    How frustrating that your GP won't test anything. If you feel "ill", how on earth can he say that you are "well" ?? What does he think is wrong with you?

  • Just an update, have been taking more B12 and vit D3 sublingual and also added D Ribose. Feeling less breathless, can walk a lot faster now but........ been walking too fast and far and now got shin splints LOL! Serves me right! But I am sure its was those 3 things that helped. I had a bit of angina, very mild when I went to bed for a few nights which scared the life out of me. So been sleeping with my chest slightly elevated, seems to have helped. This heart thing scares me as I don't trust the cardiologists, all they want to do is surgery without waiting to see if natural things can help first. I was in hospital for 3 days and don't want to go back there. Is there a natural cardiologist in the UK?

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