Feeling very mixed up

First I feel elated - my endo has given me a prescription for T3 to trial with my T4

Secondly I feel a little scared - what if it makes me worse - or doesnt work at all

Thirdly I feel angry.....I asked for an appointment with a consultant repeatedly for 8 years. How much of my life has been wasted in this way?

Fourthly...(is that a word? lol) I'm SOOO grateful I have all you guys to help with this transition

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  • Oh by the way (as a postscript) 'guys' in my language means 'people' :)

  • Pleased for you and hope it works.

  • So pleased for you jezebel and hope it works.

  • Thanks J_bee - its fingers crossed time :)

  • Wahay, great news! Really hope it works for you.

    I can identify with anger at wasted life but mine is towards myself! I didn't go to Dr thinking everything that was going wrong with me was just 'old age'

  • Then I guess its time to put the anger aside and knuckle down to what we have right now. Make the future count :)

  • Taste the moment :-) You WILL be fine......

  • Jezebel!

    I must say that my experience with T3 has only ever been positive and I finally feel like I'm getting my life back.

    That's really bigging it up - everyone is different so you might not take to it. But I have a good feeling you will notice the difference and will be thinking of you. Good luck! x

  • Thanks pennyrose - if it isnt right for me theres always the NDT route. I feel so supported here :)

  • Hi Jezebel, that's good news. T4+T3 combination suits me very well but T4 only made me very ill. How much has he prescribed and has he reduced T4 dose?

  • Hi Clutter - he has prescribed 20 mcg T3 and left the script for T4 the same for me to adjust. Hes really into treating symptoms and working with me

  • Jezebel, Do you have recent TSH, FT4 and FT3?

  • No not yet...apparently the lab lost my sample so my endo had nothing to go by. He really does treat symptoms lol

    Just had another test yesterday so will post as soon as I get result (if they don't lose it of course)

  • Jezebel, silver lining maybe as you have some slack in dosing. Going on your previous results I'd reduce T4 by 25mcg and start with 5mcg T3 for a few days to see how you tolerate it and increase to 10mcg and hold there for 2-4 weeks.

  • Excellent! I have already decreased by 25 mcg in preparation...didn't want too much T4 in my system. Thank you for the advice...it was just what I needed 👍

  • Don't get angry as this is wasted energy and you need to concentrate all on getting well just now. Good luck on your T3 journey.

  • Hi jezebel69,

    I started a T4/ T3 combo about six months ago. Really pleased that I took this step. About two weeks in struggling a bit with symptoms but posted on here and tweeked my dose and I haven't looked back. If you do have a bit of a wobble - don't give up! Listen to what your symptoms are telling you.

    I'm sure you'll be fine

    Best wishes

  • Thats what I like to hear!! Thanks for that MacG :)

  • very happy for you that your endo has given you the opportunity to try T3. Good luck!

    I feel angry towards my doctors too. After 11 years of only getting worse on T4, I haven't even been offered T3 of any kind or told it was even an option, on or off the NHS. I'm now trying again to see if I can get some.

  • I hear you phoenix - I asked to see an endo for 8 years and was angrily told I didnt need one. I had actually bought some T3 to begin self medicating (thinking I would get nowhere on the NHS) when this endo surprised me. DON'T GIVE UP :)

  • Thank you. :) I hope you get on well with the T3.

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