Any ladies here taking Levothyroxine AND Premarin?

I have had oestrogen implants and am wanting to move over to Premarin. I understand that the two meds must be taken well apart.

If anyone is on Premarin............what dosage are you on??

Would be very helpful to know. I had both ovaries removed 4 years ago at the age 46 so am in need of ERT.

Nothing wrong with the implants by the way ( which work very well) but they are costly and quite a long trip out to the gyny!

Would really appreciate your input. Thanks.x

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  • I use biohrt (not horse pee), but am on T3 only. I still take my T3 about 2-4 hours before hrt. My hrt contains very little estrogen 1mg - mostly estriol - x 2 per day (as it's mostly progesterone that I'm short of)

  • Premarin is horrendously cruel. I wouldn't take it if you paid me. There must be other alternatives that Don't require torturing animals.

  • Thanks grey goose. I had no idea that there was an ethical issue and I will certainly look into alternatives.

  • Thank you, on behalf of the horses. :)

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